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You mean ROMEO and Juliet?

Ricardo Milos

I love volleyball

Xxx Xxx

That was 17.5


Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na hey hey hey Goodbye

Katie Lebron

Them ear holes

Alex Hanneken

that's not how you trigger the megalodon you idiot. that was just a coincidence that you were there when it was triggered by someone else, THE RIGHT WAY!!!!

ingrid melo

ready to spend all the money that i dont have ON THIS COLLECTION

Hendrik Torres

Funwithguru I don't know if u noticed, but in 5:44 of this video the trees in the background form the word "fly". I don't know what this means so I leave it to the expert which is you. PS. I love your videos never stop making them.

Kaeli Kisses

that’s not a tomboy thats a fat stud

hamizan aniq

And the symbol also has another place which is there is 3 circle which reference to the symbol so idk what's that place called but the symbol on the 2 place you have to read it upside down then get it




ever see that sport called golf? similar concept

TroubledMonkey -

Snake may beat ass but most of all at least he eats ass

A Person

What this girl just said to her friend is that she disagrees with her very existence and personality (she was likely LGBT and was trying to see if her friend supported her decision). This woman could not understand basic social cues and realize that 'hmm, perhaps this person might be at the very least supportive of the LGBT community,' but no. Not even with the probable background knowledge of the person from the years she had known her as a friend could she recognize this.

Khaomai Songthong

0:29 Good namin' skillz


I got it


What isa113

Owen T


Martha E. Nsa

Man u


This show is called minute videos... this video was 7 mins

YugoslaviaBall [dreamer]

well as a serb i have to say REMOVE FASCISM

Yashi Soni

Please try jawbreaker from JSC

bruh bandana

We all gonna just ignore the fact that Simon pulls?


Me too

Tyler Stevens

"dude we're in Texas" funny

amber devaul

Oooof. This was posted a day before my birthday

Melek A

so, he technically got bored of his wife and to save his marriage he went to another woman? Honestly, he doesn't deserve happiness and his wife. I feel bad for both his wife and the woman. They both got used by this fool of a man

JeffyZ 19

I had a bully and I stood up to them. To this day they are friends but are returning to their old ways

Sania Rozario

who tell you are skinny and fat like piggy but you are like a God child you are beautiful and lovely mind person who are telling bad things about they are blind fools you are a God child 🖒😃

broken marriage / 10

Michelle Eve Murphy

Ok now you got me crying 😭

yo i aint gay

hey how did he get that costume the human one

Callan Phillips

There's also a Silence of the lambs easter egg. If you go to find Anna's Teddy bear it's guarded by someone called Lecter who eats you if he kills you!

Rudy Straight

Dem twigs legs. Knew dem finna snap anytime..

Nick Leaver

My mum is not even letting me get GTA V for my birthday

Vince O.

scrolls downI don't think I've ever see so many colons atop colons in my life.

until she finally did it! , we were going to have puppies :D

Cynthia Owen

Where ty s beard

Rake Beats

Yung ryuk - death notto ft. Lil Yagami

La bises

Dj Avi8055

Pls tell name of your channel where you show the failed attempts!!!

Hitel Montano

Austin and Catherine:AHHHH (Freaking out)    

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