How to make a spinning wheel out of cardboard

how to make a spinning wheel | how to make a spinning wheel out of cardboard.I really have fun with this spinning wheel game. You can try it at home. Thank you for watching!! Please subscribe to get more interesting videos: =================================================♡ IF YOU ENJOY MY VIDEOS PLEASE SUBSCRIBEMaterial:- Cardboard- Bearing- Screws - Ice-cream stick - Plastic- BBQ bamboo sticks & Chopsticks- Hot glue gunCardboard Measurement:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(cm = centimeter)5,5cm x 25cm = 1 piece6cm x 28cm = 2 pieces7cm x 28cm = 4 pieces14cm x 25cm = 1 piece15cm x 24cm = 1 piece15cm x 48cm = 1 piece38cm x 38cm = 2 piecesTriangle: 6,5cm x 24,5cm x 25,5cm = 1 piece-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you to the music editors1. Syn Cole - Feel GoodAdventures - A HimitsuWe Are One - VexentoItro & Tobu - Cloud 9 [NCS Release]

Angel Otaku

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gabe reacts

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Mahima Sharma

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Lona Thies

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Andy Nguyen

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Mahi Mathur

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Kookie-oppa Bts

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May Nunez

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Addy Bro

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Beast Bros

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Gaming-_-Girrafe ツ

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Mr. Goochi

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Isaak Brochu

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Eli Berkley Videos

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William W

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Blank Stare

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sinbeast slayer

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