How to setup the Samsung Gear VR Headset (Part 1)

Get the Samsung Gear VR Headset from Amazon here:the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone from Amazon here:online store with similar products: us out on:Website: is video 1 in a two part series where I show you how to setup your Samsung Smartphone to work with the Samsung Gear VR unit right out of the box.You have to install a suite of Oculus applications on your phone as well as create an account with Oculus, in order to be able to access their online store to purhase VR applications and games that are compatible with your hardware.What is great about the initial setup is the ease and speed at which it is done.You essentially have to plug your smartphone into the Gear VR first and then follow the instructions from within the headset.Once you have done that you simply detach the phone from the Gear VR and then run the Oculus application that the Gear VR would have automatically installed on your device when you had connected it for the first time.Once all of the Ocuus applications have been installed you will then be promoted to setup an online account, enter your credit card details (just like you would for any online application store today like Google Play and the Apple App Store) and voila, you can browse the Oculus library of software and pick and buy what you want.There is also a library of free software inside the store as well.When you actually use the headset, navigation is very easy and intuitive, whereby the virtual reality mouse pointer is operated by the motion of your head in a complete digital 3D environment.Pretty cool.

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glad to find out that you have own t.v. show!!! :)


So what you are saying is that, "In multiple areas in the game, you can find the wrench that is used as a weapon in the first and second bioshock games" is in fact correct?

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You should do one in Destroy All Humans Path of the Furon, there is an easter egg to Sonic and Mario

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Hey Guru, I gotta ask you something, Are you gonna play Red Dead Redemption 2 once it comes out? I'm really hyped for it because of the Trailer and Teasers that Rockstar showed. ;)



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There's also a pretty clever jab at Microsoft during the Noveria level in ME1. He was a host of a Nick show, but not anymore.

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I dont know why but lots of times i get goosebumps at the of the video, thank you for that

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