I DO NOT Recommend Buying A Nintendo Wii U...

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David BibleJack

The hooper

Goro Akechi

I was diagnosed with BPD by the time I was 18, I'm older now and I realised that BPD wasn't my issue it was the fact that alot of my friendships and relationships were toxic and because I knew they were I'd try to do something about it, convincing people that I'm crazy and neurotic. Which I internalised and started feeling delusional . I learned not to give my time to toxicity and build relationships that are based on mutual respect. I can trust a person who doesn't have intentions with me. I feel like I barely meet the criteria anymore the only time I'm having a bad time is usually from outside sources instead of from internalised crap now. Gotta learn to love yourself and learn how to enjoy your own company more really helps with these kinds of issues.

3. Gta 4

Sargent Feelgood

If I were to have anyone shoot an apple of my head it would be them

Kourosh Esfandiari

Cory has so much less eyebrow’s now

Hector Elera Melendez

Cantas wuevadas Men !!!!!!!!


Just kiss

Itz Epiczy

Me dad were you going dad get milk me 5 years later dad I’m home with your milk

Anna Mares

4:00 The comment?

Meme Man

What happened to dis guy

Derek Shaw

Disc golf baskets, you guys should get with Pro Disc Golfer, Simon Lizotte and do some trick shots!!!!

Harm Nicolai

Who touched their eyebrows at the unfortunate part?


How much money did it take to get where you are now?


These guys go to the gym as an excuse to shower together.

shabuz hossen

all fake...


There some good parents.

Awais Rahman

It;s meant to be a joke of course and you can tell its fake because there's no shadow for Ricardo's shots

Avery Davenport

my dad has type 1 diabetes and i'm sorry to whoever else is struggleing for their life

DabCat Playz


An effect of this being goods and services will be wrongly allocated as it does not get earned by the receiver. Fundamental the receiver is a one dimensional users of the capital. The government manages it, the tax payer funds it but the receiver spends it. Or is it only me 😂😂


Talking about Doc Oc


2:30 anyone see the Fortnite emotes

Red Sharp

You gotta get yourself a slow cooker, and a lot of people dont know this but you can put your weed in there


is it me, or are the teddy bears being part of the Easter Egg a Call of Duty Zombies reference, as the Teddy is seen many times in zombies

Happy Dancer


Anime Lover

I cheated on my boyfriend.

Syphinx leMortiz

Your past huh did your parents abandon you you after they abused you no i bet they didnt trust me you want fucked up talk to me for an hour youll be happy youre not like me

Tyja Nichole


Franz Family

2019 anyone

Soda in a Plastic Bottle

You missed a L.A Noire reference.There is this place called Elysian Fields is Gta 5 it is a reference to one of the story cases (a walk in the Elysian Fields ) Arson case

MVP_ Broke

Look at them now


Melanie and Elizabeth 11/9/06

Apple guy

Ryan Watterson

Oh yeah that’s all of it

Marvel Movies

who love cool not cool



Griffin Carlson

Not Garret

Shao shao Stengel

He is so sweaty

Haleema and Maria

Where are there parents

Me: *being the weeb that I am* well hELLO


Do airsoft trickshots

Liloreo Liloreo

Is it out yet


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