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Matthew McCavigan

Best channel around.

edgy hoe

Why is this so bad

Nawal Yousuf Munnee



Harry’s “Ohs” after he got swiped left killed me😂🤣

sanjib dutta


Harry, The third addition to Barry and Larry

The guy said he’d fix it himself and you ruined a couples wedding all because you got fired from a most likely minimum wage job? Yea, that guy was totally the jerk lmao.


So she is going on a quest to find Prof. Xavier?


i self harmed in class today-

Kalpana Zodge

Nach ra Mara is the song

Gacha Nikki!!

I sometimes wanna be a boy.......


I love how theyre using PSP dissidia type models for it. And didnt forget the fact Squall wears a puffy ganster jacket instead of the fitted sleeves.

nuria hussain

sometimes the phone is an android sometimes it’s an iPhone.

AlHuKa ,

I see myself right in the middle of 12 years old girls but I DONT CARE

happy pills Saya

I hate this girl so much

Aitza Jarzagaray

you game are good is te same you

All this just because I simply said I'm done associating with a person who won't stop gambling her dad's hard earned money away after waiting for her for over 40 minutes while she was at a casino gambling money away while I was worrying if she was ok and wondering where she was and if something might have happened to her. I tried to help her with her gambling addiction to no avail many times. She caused a massive scene but police sided with me because they say she wasn't right in the head, even her mom got involved and apologized for her behavior. The girl was a monster, she did unspeakable things to her family, to friends, previous boyfriends, professors you name it. Constantly lying and twisting things in order to save herself, stealing money and selling things from their home even tho they're among the richest people in the nation, she'd physically assault her mom all the time, physically assault previous boyfriends and hurt people in many ways, she even got some people fired from work and what not.

Jason Highsmith


Yukta Bansal

Who is that boy

Charlie Cogdell

Why ain’t this on Spotify

Ryan Jacks

As flash said-


Abusive parents ruin the lives of their children. But however the parents are, the children have to live with them to remain provided until they are adults. Even after separation from the parents, the traumatic experience from childhood haunts them for the rest of their lives.😔

Joshua Leboeuf

I can honestly say I don't support the LGBT community because of their lack of community, and their hatred towards opposing opinions and ideals. Not everyone has to agree with someone's views or opinions. If there could be a way to get along, regardless of creed, or opinion, or sexuality, then that'd be lovely.. I mean, I've had gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender friends, all kinds of people in my life who have made an impact on who I am as a person, and have made me better than who I used to be. I don't have to agree on a person's views to love them or respect them. Not everyone likes supreme pizza, but I love surpreme pizza. While some may hate fishing, I tend to enjoy it quite a bit. I don't always have to be in agreement with someone to enjoy their company. It's not always about appealing to one another. We've only got one life here, and we have to make a difference by loving one another and helping each other, regardless of where we stand on our views. Make an impact, live a little, love a lot, that's what it's about.

Ya know, the beginning with the living statue in Rhodes.


Developer: What's your favorite Dark Souls reference?

Riannie Celone Salise Antigro

Badminton trick shots . HeheheheBy, Lee Chong Wei or Axelsen, Peter Gade, Lin Dan Just choose among those guys hahahaha

Sharon Villegas Montoya

Yoooo my name is Sharon too😁😁😁💖

Two pairs: millipede.

Цветная полоса

Ау? Русские есть??????


at 8:07 on the box you can see the vanguard symbol from destiny

DaveTheWave 34

0:36 Rip phone

Lalice lalice

Beautiful strong soul ❣️

Rakesh Jain

I did the world largestbottle flip

Joannie Trotter

You have rejuvenated my ASMR palette with these brilliant videos. Like you, I have been an avid fan of ASMR for a few years now but I have not had any tingles for a while.... Until I discovered your fantastic videos. Thank you.

Red Rager

I don't know man, but did anyone see Garrett at the end?

Saul Orellano

Love is action

Kitty girl

Awe I fell sorry for you and the others that suffer 💔


2:06 that's me when I see my crush

Sameera Talwar

Awesome video !! I feel sorry for Coby . Maybe you can do a giant tennis battle next .

David Siemon

The dude on the protein one is on America's Got Talent he's that one guy that don't talk with the bow and arrow

Bunny Snow Flake


March 2018: A helicopter crashed into the East River, killing all five passengers.


Its funny cause you picked my birthday lol


We know you're name Joseph from South Africa

SushiCraft 99

Worst scenario: 1. Card lights on fire2. Wooden floor sets alight3. The entire DP HQ sets alight

Minky Inky

What platform do you use to draw?? And on what device??

These occur almost all the times with patients.

Ohakara Srey

Charging credit cards

James Lilla

Dudes face was as red as his shirt

Tommy Loika

I'm so confused how this stimulates you all...cringy

Talsong Kingslayer

You are a horrible person and I hope you end up alone and miserable. You are trash and worthless.

Lawrence Sean

I have that wallpaper behind garrent

Ocean Jongsma

They really suck at making airplanes


How did your wallet fall in the toilet if you’re pants were pulled down? Lol

Robbie Stanley

Is that the warehouse that dude perfect hq became?

Harrison Davies

3:29 exposed the panda and look on twitter lol

Tyler Walker

I feel so bad for the person who died, may he or she rest in peace.


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