Installing a Raspberry Pi inside the PlayStation Classic

In this video, I show you the method I came up with to cleanly install a Raspberry Pi 3 inside the PlayStation Classic!I decided to do this mod because I love the way the PlayStation Classic looks, but hate its terrible emulation performance and game selection. Now that I have a Raspberry Pi 3 inside of it, not only do I get the great looks of the PlayStation Classic shell, but also great emulation performance and way more games!I currently have about 350 games on my 512GB micro SD card, with 259GB of free space left!Pre-Configured Retropie image and wiring diagram are available on my website!Cut Pliers: Classic: Pi 3 B+: Power Adapter for the Pi 3 B+: adapter used: Table Saw: (I bought mine on ebay for a few dollars less, but this one comes with extra accessories like a drill chuck)Great article from Adafruit about removing the ports on the Pi :At 20:50 when I talk about the momentary switches being grounded without being pressed, what I actually believe is going on is that the 5V connection from the Pi going to the USB ports on the PS Classic board is flowing back through the PS Classic board and causing the top 2 pads of the momentary switches to receive 5V and causing them to trigger their scripts without actually pressing the button.You should be able to just cut the 5V trace from each USB port on the PS Classic board to eliminate the issue.This is something I didn't realize at the time because I was pre-occupied with filming the video.Thank you and good luck if you try this mod!Disclaimer : If you attempt this mod, you do so at your own risk!Music provided by Epidemic Sound.Follow me on Twitter!me on Instagram!

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