Jadakiss - Coach of the Year Ft. D-Block (Official Music Video) (HD)

Jadakiss Featuring Juwelz Champaign, Snyp Life, AP, Large Amount... Directed By: P-Cutta (Rooftop Music Group)...Jadakiss - Champ is Here Pt 3... In stores now!!! Sponsored by Street Wars Clothing... Coming Summer 2011

Gabby Jones


Marco Martino

What the heck Cody Lebrun jersey then curry.........😨.........


@manatyson lol wow u seem to know a lot about me like you researched me or sumthin and over sum question that you got pissed at? Stop trying to insult others about having no life when u keep replying with long ass comments :D

Kira Stewart

What's her name?

Corey Rozenblat


Emre Erkaya


Katelyn T

Take a shot every time Tati puts some,thing on her lip

Alfonso Javier Lozano Valcárcel

I want a Vita Taco

Funk Enstein

Journey doesn't sing "Living on a Prayer," Bon Jovi does.

selene l

In my opinion, her parents suck.

Matthew Noojin

The cane and hat thing is the only reason to pick up colonial marines if you can find it really cheap

Cindy Rojas

What do I do if I have this...I feel like hurting myself because I hate this ...I need to feel something...I don’t want to take pills because I don’t want to take drugs to “heal me” I tried finding happiness through religion and faith and I still can’t do it right. I try finding happiness with love and I can’t keep a relationship with the man I love...

Myla Donson

Dallas, TX tricks shots

Casimus Prime

I know quite a few people who hunt. Not a single one of them does the "Mehh" thing when deer hunting.

Phillip Law

I don't go to the gym I'm a kid

p b jam gadhavi

Salute boss

Leyla Qandayeva


sadness in a can

He says it was copy writer in the description so he couldn't put thw music in


If i say hi will u say hi back ?

[Post-Chorus: Chris Brown & Che Ecru]


Keep the good Job Guru


There ALL great

Nixxy Butera

At the beginning from this video

glass of milk

I know this story is probably fake but almost made me cry occasionally either way

Arsila Sumbal

My favourite one is Cory!!

Sledneck _149

you should do a football stereotypes

42 Shini

this dude is trying way too hard to prove he's not a weeb. look fam, nobody cares if you watch anime or not you fucking closet weeb.

Carmen Bernardo Meme Owxus

hold up


At the end of the shot,the camera man says "Guys,I forgot to turn the camera on"

Kyle Andrade

“Elsa’s powers is too much for this world”Elsa is Captain Marvel confirmed

Vincent de Roxas

Dude perfect are awesome


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