Japanese Artists Take on the American Art Police, Pokemon Controversy Explained

The new Nintendo Switch game Pokemon Sword / Pokemon Shield is on the way, and it comes complete with a new set of controversies!Right now, artists are arguing over the right way to depict new gym leader Nessa, with some believing Japanese artists are lacking in cultural sensitivity, while some think the Americans are over-reacting. Vito gives his sweet delicious take!If you enjoy this video and want to see more, please like and subscribe! And don't forget to click the bell, or YouTube probably will never notify you about my new videos (they hate me).Patreon: Merch:

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Ken Levine was once asked about his choice for the cover art behind BioShock Infinite. In the interview, he justified the 'generic FPS' look of the art by comparing it to salad dressing. He said something along the lines of "Lots of people enjoy FPS games and not read any 'inside gaming' magazines, just as lots of people enjoy salad dressing but don't read any 'inside salad dressing' magazines." Thus making the cover art of the game more 'generic' or 'general' makes it appeal to a wider audience. Love your videos FunWithGuru!

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