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Dude the car at the star was a blatant reference to Bumblebee from Transfomers

Z Devig

Seahawks should draft him

MsB Kentrell

nice flip


actually looks good


I used to play Jedi Outcast a lot but I'm frankly still waiting for the Jedi game where you're not a hundred times more powerful than Luke ever was. Unfortunately, this seems like a very generic arcade shoot'em up in just a new, pretty dress. But I guess that's what them kids want.


+FunWithGuru there's a second easter egg in nuk3town, shoot off all the arms of the mannequins in under two minutes and you get mannequins that act like weeping angels


The drawing skills are amazing 😍♥

Mel Chaparro

Trans rights

jameel moosa

2 01 9

Gavin Dziena


DWH Gaming

look at those enhanced character models

Cory Esker

Are the snakes have venom in them?????😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Robert Caballero

Bloody Pervert I'm calling the police

Ryan Nelson

can dude perfect do it in the burj khalifa

Yummy Yummy Christmas Tummy

"Everybody dies sooner or later" chills.

Testy Templar

My dads the ball hunter, I'm Mr mood swing I'm 13 and play with my dad all the time


This is a really big problem. You may not realize it. So many people suffer from this. It's crazy how many people think they are worthless, not perfect in their own way because "fat". Keeping yourself healthy and loving yourself are so much more important than what other people think of you. Love yourself 💜

Rukia Kuchiki

Ok no I leave even if it's hurts

Last year i was diagnosed with desnutrition and i'm recovering :)

Bebe Adonis

OMG! I love that show. Xena the Warrior Princess with her sidekick, Gabrielle 🥰

Heidi Does Art

Their twins of cause they go out first...



musi gratitude

Wow!!! So talented. I love his Faith.He has a strong self determination

I sometimes go in the bathroom so i can look at myself through the mirror, and convince myself that i'm going to be okay.



So, um.... Yeah and this is the thing that I dont like. And... Yeah, that's it.

Eliana Pasternak

so many people are complaining in the comments that dinsey hasn't revealed anything about the movie with this trailer... but if they did, everyone would still be complaining that they had 'already seen the whole movie through the trailer' come on guys, just be happy with something

Connor Hayes


Raelyn McLeroy

I think his name is Craig

Porque no hay diferencia.

Watch as instagram votes a one eyed shark watermelon cooler than an intricate and detailed peacock... 3 max payne 3

Drink Baby

Eminem wannabe lookingasssss

This is Bethany


Muhammad Shaheer


♞ Go Fuck Yourself ♞

It was originally a PSP game.I don't know what got into them and put it in a PS2 format but as far as my PSP collection goes,this game is a great addition and in fact,it's better than many other games made for it.If people would stop hating it because it was made by HIG,then I can tell you for surte,half the hate would be gone.Of course it doesnt have as good graphics and style.But it's a different company and they tried really hard and I think the game was fun,same or not.

BTSass ChickenNuggets

You forgot to mention at the start

Nolan Swagner

Extraordinary! The editing skills are fantabulous and the jokes made me laugh! Great video Guru!


Keep up the good work, Guru!! 😁


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