Jon Snow meets Ramsay Bolton to discuss terms of surrender

The calm before the storm

Nicole Rolfes

Soccer/football stereotypes?


Garret said shit 6:40

"I know right"

gamer boy S

4:56 are best


I feel this. My half-uncle person was born with cystic fibrosis. I never knew him, as it was quite a while before I was born. He died when he was about 20. I’m a possible carrier for Cystic Fibrosis, as my dad is. Thankfully my mom isn’t a carrier, so none of my siblings could get it.


I’m now team editor

Fred Chapman

stephen curry

Michael Baker

Can you do a long video with all the south park: the stick of truth references and easter eggs


Very good movie. Recommended to watch :) Also nice video, Guru.

Oof! 👌

Jaylin Wou

The heads look so small compared to the rest of their body. Detailed, yes. But not proportional, a huge yes.


why does all of his fucking shots curve so that 20 story drop shot curved like crazy the exact same way as this one did

Gina Papini

panda panda panda

Ray Cabrera

the borderlands one is amazing

Landon Cook

Go to the Empire state building and throw the basketball off the top of it

Sergi Bonell

memes on point

adamariz cruza

I have never cried while watching a video till now

kandace carmical

Ty hole in one

Saltborko The Idiot

What about the doctor who?

oejwwf ec3

Black and White american. Win the white

Good job james

Infuriated Maxwell

Ubisoft Quebec is from Quebec Canada not France.

Black Blue

How could someone do that? “Loving someone” “exchanging vows” and actually thinking that you’re ready to marry when in reality, you find the time to do this? Random guy: wow that looks so sexy gurl I would show them my dog without a collar.

Why do i have friends that just... Just dont understand me or my life?

Karan Kishandayal

No body is better than ty

Bearry AC

She is just like me plus im have social anxiety plus im a introvert so I dont have that many friends. ...........    

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