Journalists TRASH Cyberpunk Creator Mike Pondsmith's Defense of Cyberpunk 2077 From Outrage!

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Renandya Aja

Wow, its very cool

Milkey Shakey

So youre telling me instead of going to counseling to fix their issues he goes on a date with another girl then realizes said girl is too immature and goes back to his wife. Yeah thats totally logical.

Maja Christensen 6B Hedelyskolen

wait i may sound dumb and thats because i am, but didn't she say her disability was that she wasn't able to talk?......

bae kookie

Awww girl stay strong😭

danger dash

Why India's is not here

Caden Coffey

this is DPHQ2

epicgamerboss 20

I'm from spring ford

Upashya Pathak


John Steinbeck vs Mark Twain

Luís Diego Morataya Barba



Deadpool confirm in mcu

Wow... 😂


CU,MM upstairs to play our se-oooops i ment secret game


This is so funny, When I and my cousin watched Frozen for the first time on netlix.. She called Elsa Ugly and Anna beautiful lol

Jeremy Zhao

wait I want that toaster

Tyshon Ware

Epic games plz can I get 800 vbucks username is yeon the

Harikishan Jangra

Get off your cap tyler

Nemesis Venom


Review Rebel

I'm glad your ok

B Lash

Browns even though I like the Eagles

Billy Bob

Im surprised ppl actually disliked this


Well, this mean girl has the definition of class all twisted in that one mini-speech. If you ask me, class is rising above toxic behavior and bragging with material posessions. It's not in the Gucci purse, it's all in the attitude. You need to know that you're worthy of a basic level of respect, yet you stay humble in a way. Basic respect is your right, anything above it is a nice privilege to have. Regardless of... Well, whatever toxic people claim makes them somehow better than anyone else these days. I have better things to do with my time than keeping up with what they're spewing. Anyhow, in short: remember this one Michelle Obama quote... "When they go low, we go high." That rings true no matter what age you are.

Maeve Maze

2:46 Is that Jack BLACK

Aksel Winther Groth

Very well done with this video. So sad that you couldn't upload this earlier, god damn YouTube copyright..

Jack Dennis


Shahir Samin


Sammy Sosa

How could anybody dislike this video?!


Thank god it's a cute story I am so used to sad easter eggs these days, like the Nessy toy would be the favorite toy of one the dev dead daughter.

Paul Moss

This girl doesn't even deserve friends..

"MINUTE videos"

PuRe Skill

Rug chill out with the ads😂

Mayson Jordan


Hey It’s Sania

damn... this is one of the saddest but at the same time most heart warming story ever.. well I guess it’s a bittersweet story

Daniel Watkins

Anyone watching this in 2018

Juliana K

My mom died in 2/9/2017

Peko ಥ_ಥ

Nerf Perfect!


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