Kevin Durant Holds Court Over His Free Agency | Game Of Zones S6E8 (FINALE)

Game of Zones Season 6, Episode 8: Kings’ Roads. Kevin Durant is holding court with other players around the league, and Patrick Beverley does his best to lure KD to the Clippers. Also, a new king is crowned in the East. Watch the GoZ Season 6 finale. Subscribe: on IG: us on Twitter: us on Facebook:

Woo oosh 23

Now i know why hes the rage monster.....maybe idk

Elizabeth Duarte

He looks like hiro from big hero six

Cosmetics DE'LANCI



I watch you but I watch Gacha mike

Kudir Kudadiri

You guys should do messi vs neymar. Barcelona vs psg

Ana Arroyo


Achella achella

This Is sad asf!

Jazmine Vargas

Did anyone else see Garret miss?!?!?

Noah Thatcher

I think that dude perfect should do an xploderz blaster edition

Or was the person who paid for this video not pay high enough ?

violet diamond

Me:*saw the Philippine flag*

Austin Stotts


Me again oh yes: surprised pikachu


I love the fact that he, if he has one equipped, puts the rifle or shotgun on the piano. Nice detail!

Laura Bowers

I want a snow day

Ra Souldier

Why did the dinosaur cross the road?Because the chicken crossing the road wasn't a joke yet! x)

Azarriah Lovett

Oh my gosh. I understand ! 💛


So the comments on this video are really messed up, it counts the amount of comments posted but its stuck on how they looked an hour after I posted the video. I will read all the comments when this fixes.

Charles Crack

0:50 bloody Jews

zaid zuberi

I feel like my brain doesn't want me too be happy. One minute I'm fine the next I remember something dumb I did years ago like denting my car then the flood gates open to bad thoughts

Zack 23

We have the same guitar

Jared Morrow


Olivia Basura

at 8:46 cermet and bunny were kissing

Shadow Stalker

Yeah I’m a guy, and YES, I loved this.I love frozen.

jesus figueroa

Directed by Rudy 👌🏻

Neelam Garg

Put the ball from the between of your legs withblindfold

Vinay Kumar

where does the usa basketball team practice

Neon Galaxy

I was snacking on Doritos watching this video.

Im dead.

oj ferrer

1:45 captain kidd was also with kenway


yall should be in the NBA.....Clutch AS FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corporate lawyer!


Frozen: The past is in the pastFrozen 2: The past is not what it seems

Some yt


Jr Play's

Eagle and panda did same dance lol

She tries to escape your dungeon that you keep her in

Him: ok

Mushii Munchkin

I know what you feel I have gone through HLH I lost my beautiful long hair just like you just don't quit I know it's hard but try it I'm still alive and I'm done with HLH and HLH is like cancer it's a rough ride but slowly you'll get to the smooth part of your ride and get off and won't even remember that you were the person with a disease just forget about it and you will be so happy like it never even happened to you stay strong!🤗

Rubik Poghosyan

Dude Perfect to win YEAH!!!


i heard that KD may sign with the raptors

Elakai Anela

4 years later......

Deepak Singh

I gonna complaint about you to a animal rights people 🙊


1 like is one kick in da balls for the gym teacher,

The Kool KoopaTroopers

This was on my 6th Birthday.

Addi P Vlogs

Anyone 2019

Colin Massey

there attempt at catching the Onside kick made Jon Bostic look good


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