KING of the CRAB ARMY!- Feed and Grow Fish Gameplay

Welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish!Feed and Grow Fish is a fish eating simulator where you eat smaller fish to grow larger and larger. ► Watch the Let's Play Feed and Grow Fish: - - - - -Feed & Grow: Fish Gameplay Overview:Eat or be eaten.Feed and Grow Fish is an animal survival game where fish eat, grow, and climb the food chain while avoiding being eaten. In this video, we become a giant Megalodon Shark and swim around as king of the ocean.Being at the top of the food chain still has it's challenges though, OTHER GREAT WHITE SHARKS!!Today we play with the killer whale and use it to do killer whale attack! Eat the sperm whale! Killer whales are also called Orcas and they attack in orca pods.- - - - -If you'd like more gameplay information for Feed and Grow: Fish, check out these links:Feed and Grow Fish on Steam: - - - -Q. What is a supported video?A. Due to FTC rules, all videos where I have received a free download, merchandise, or any travel arrangements is supported by the developers.Q. What is a sponsored video?A. Due to FTC rules, all videos where I have received financial incentives to produce a video need to be disclosed. I will (and have been) disclosing these as sponsored.- - - - -Want more Blitz? Check these links out:Subscribe:

Ewelina Anson

Water bottle one

Attila Molnár

The Dante master


Awesome man

Soham Addanki

She's should've went to the police one day when she said she was going to school and when the police saw what the parents were doing they would arrest the parents and put Mia into Foster care where she wouldn't be mistreated

Jaimie Martin

Your the best ever

Avinash Deshmukh

Are people still playing this game??


The skin is the character from the Gameboy Advance version of Max Payne, hence the blocky texture

Eyzon Arroyo

issac Newtown died a virgin

Mikayla Yanchik

You’re an amazing artist ❤️💕!! I love love your art style!

Mr. Excuses

Travis Shearer

Christmas 2018 anyone

David Clarkson

How about an Android game?**Edit**Never mind. I found it. LMAO

Sir Catsworth

This was insane.

Elijah M.

Why dont you do... Big Hero 6 easter eggs


I'm not a feminist but it appears that that female character is use solely for fanservice... I'm sure they could have given her a personality...

Insanely Magnificent

I thought it said the red leader. SUPREME AND RED DONT EVEN LOOK ALIKE.


the likes and dislikes looks like a cigar

quinn hendrix

What kind of drones are those?


Can someone explain what happend at 2:30 AM?


Fun at a bierpong Challenge?


william rufus shafter has 7 degrees of bacon.


no darkest dungeon ?

Ryan Jacobs

the patriots should draft Travis

Spring Trap

You deserve another life after this one

I’m so so so proud of that girl, and that even encourages me!!!!

Jimmy whizzer

6:58 Sniping with a shotgun.... not very effective.


The thing that people miss is that the word soccer CAME FROM ENGLAND

SN1PZ DarkRaven

It's funny that at 3:34 the custodian just so chill




It looks like a video from now


Uncles be like

Random boy

Maybe if you actually opened your eyes


Hh B ggunn


Jizray Amargo

2018 october


I don't know how you find all these Easter eggs but you do an amazing job keep doing what your doing!

Dave Rucci

Ummmm guys don’t get too excited.It looks like rain!Just sayin.🤷‍♂️


Hey watch my out my awesome basketball trick shot video


dude perfect

Ramya Prakash

Super video I love this video 😎😎😎😎😘😘

TimBookTwo Gaming

My favourite was the destiny one


mafia 2 easter eggs?

I’m so sorry for tou

Ruby Fitzpatrick

I know u don’t usually do this but could u do the celebrity drive thru challenge

JuniperLePLANT 25

omg. i have all of her health problems except bipolar, but i never really think of it XP

[Blue galaxy] dark ice Wolfie

At 4:06 she said Tortures Sexual Abuse But like What the f*ck?! Do That At Younger Then Nine?! He should have been is jail!


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