Klay Thompson Is BETTER Than Westbrook? The Worst NBA Top 10 List EVER

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Maximilian P009

2019 aneyone

jawad suhail

You are wasting eggs 🥚

_jeff _


Anu John


Mary Byrd

I cried Soo bad

3 kings studios

Is anyone watching in 2056


A couple of months ago my mom was driving and then her hands started to shake and she couldn’t move so she pulled over and then my dad called me and said hurry and get ready to go to the hospital and at that point I was like OMG IS MOM OK OMG OMG and then I got ready and I called my grandma cause I was scared and she always helps and then we went to the hospital and we had to stay very quit cause her head hurt so bad! And then we got there the doctors did a lot of tests and my dad whent somewhere and I didn’t want to leave her and then my dad and sister and me had to leave to go have a sleepover at my grandmas house cause we couldn’t get home and I didn’t want to leave my mom but I had to so I did and then we went there and so the next day she could go home and we finally knew what was wrong and what happened so what happened was her blood sugar whent down and so yeah she’s now on a very stricked diet and she hasn’t been able to go anywhere she has been missing holidays and I feel so bad and she is still like this and it’s like she’s dying but she’s not.... Fuck you

timothy milson

Dude the video wont get as many good likes if you lie to people and only favor your favorite game you have done this twice from what i have seen so if you really love this game dont force feed it doen peoples throat by trying to make it seem like its the best

Kazoua Thao

play basketball with curry

Lukas Mueller

Another AWSOME vidieo, I had to like this one!


I only played one year of college & I can consistently make 4 out of 10 from halfcourt, so w/enough attempts at this distance, this is probably possible.Probably 150 attempts or less... But on this video something looks fishy at the the 9 second mark, you can't see the ball, the ball turns into a white dot, it looks like it could have been altered...

Eduardo Donis

@FunWithGuru lol youe voicw is fine and if u want suggestions for videos wwll the easter eggs are amazing but idk depends on what type of videos u wanna do

Cupcake Sprinkles726


DJ Dunford

I cant even through a frisbee

*grabs clarinet*

Steamy ray Vaughn

2:10 i see what you did there.

Betsabe Martinez

do a soccer one

Ryan MB

Isn’t the song from NHL 18?


I'm a big ,girl too.😿


Do all sidemen brothers vs eachother


this was topped by Kyle Singler with his shot off of the top of a 210 foot chapel. Search up "kyle gets buckets 2.0"

Ultra Ace

4:20 The ball was wet

Edit:...I'm 17.



Zeke Larson



Make a giant döner kebab!!!


I know someone who knows what this person is feeling

mgl wulf

And U Should Make A new Video Today

Anthony Donadio

with the final Easter Egg I thought swimming throw the water would show a miniature scale of Rapture from Bioshock but instead it was a man with a toilet......huh, guess I should've figured since the game was made by Ubisoft.

ike hale

Tie went up for a high five and got denied

Matthew Peters

Do the neighbors never let Astro in?

Robert Consola


Niamh Mac Lua


Dr. C

I laughed

OliveOrpheus651 •

Thank you for taking the sacred of monetization for us to see pixel boobs


big pokemon



Zachary재커리 classmates think I’m an escapist from North Korea, but I told them that I was never born there. It’s such a pity that everyone assumes all Koreans are from    

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