Kobe Bryant 81 sayı Kaan Kural'ın anlatımıyla

Spor tarihinin en büyük bireysel performanslarından birini Kaan Kural'ın anlatımıyla izliyoruz...Kural-Murat Murathanoğlu anlatımıyla 81 sayılık maçın tamamı için : Phil Jackson ve Esrar @YouTube aracılığıylaKobe & Shaq Röportajı Türkçe Altyazılı @YouTube aracılığıylaBoston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers 2008 NBA2K18 @YouTube aracılığıylaKaan Kural Kobe Bryant 2013 OKC Maçı @YouTube aracılığıyla

Brent 876

go to sanfrancisco 49ers

Aryan Debnath


Dionis Morari

wait so this is the true story of instagram

Shayryadhd- Fortnite

LSU Tiger here


I dunno car is better than horse for travel and a lot more fun

mike honcho

Steaming pile of bull

Bennett_ 23

There’s always next week

Myriem Jaziri

By the way yoga helped me a lot, you should try, really

Person with OCD: NOOOOOOO!


Good god bless the teacher who helped him


He put up an annotation


Thanks for the tips and you are great so i subscribed and you should recomenend your videos to others. ;)


Still amazing in 2018.

Savage Now

awosome☺welcome to my channel 😍


My name is ella :>

River Vlogs

Wtf the fuck to take a picture with a fish


4:10 didn't pass through the circle


I didn't want this to end!!!!

Happy Bunny

I went on vacation, and after breakfast with my family I would immediately leave while they would sit there and talk. I didn’t want to be on an elevator with a stranger so I would walk down six flights of stairs to get to my room.

yuridia hernandez


Jax Harper

5:40 sorry coby but that sound is funny

xp games

U havent upload a video in a long time

No homo.

heena singh

Still waiting for Games with Consequences Episode 2

Ryan Nickel

Man you own a lot of games!

Dragon Blue

lol all the easter eggs dindt work for me


Ach ten wiedzmin , powod do dumy kazdego polaka :)

Jason Thorne

Do bats do a rewind e edition so say definition bits at the start and the startingbit at the end

“I did it!”

Tommy Jarvis

Are these real stories? just asking no hate


Rolling down the hill haha!!

Shir Wolf

Love this song one of the best songs and the video was amazing love you and what you doing i wish you the best!


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