Kumpulan lagu ambon terpopuler 2019.

Lagu lagu Ambon terpopuler di saat santai / buat pengantar tidur, #anandnusalelu #youtubemusic #terpopuler


Borderlands always has amazing easter eggs...

Jade Takesitinthearse

you guys are total pros :)

LouLouLoozer 17

2019 same Chanel, same trickshots, could never get sick of them

Reynaldo Iligan

Like the part where Howl gave calcifer the egg shells

Mir Waiz Usayed

I am disappointed it should atleast reach ToP ark.


I would have help him up the same way . Did you see how hard he hit those people ...upper cut his butt right back on his feet lmao jk but hopefully basketball team has insurance poor people haha

Diamond Simsim

Good job on this everyone is awesome in their own way, and they should love themselves and not compare them selfs to other people


II wI wiI wilI will I give up



Rugved Targaonkar



Level 69 tactician..

crazygangster805 E

Tyler is the funniest

Finally, you mention bioavailability. But what evidence is there that it’s better to get your iron all at once as opposed to gradually absorbed? The slower uptake of nutrients from plants might actually be beneficial .


holy fuckin shit that was crazy

and Zayde Wolf

Upender Dhull

Congrats for 40m subscribers

It's 2:00 am.

Mohammad Tahib

this youtube channel is really good.

Mr. steal your dad

Thats pretty creepy....i legit just finished Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadows...

mega Caio

Nerf mega rotofury

Nath Nath

I looooooove adidas stripes😍💕✨


Like for Eminem&MGK beef reference


How hard was it to get the gum out of your beard?

she snatched that money up

Irellevent freak

can't relate


That's Twin Snakes, not the original Metal Gear Solid.

Raspberry Gaming

he's watching 2016

Eduardo Gonzalez


Garish Soup123

Do i dare say this has the potential to be better than the first one

Sanjay pc

1:53 best part☻

Alexander Fernandez

Mega super coooooooool

alisha D

good job

Diane Y

If raptors win the series, it’s all thanks to Guillermo😂 Good thing they were all nice to him

Noah Dimick

jj boat

Ricky Quin

whats up wit the gay assmusic tho

Tristan Kun

Love your stunts

Jewels 2004

Do have a personal channel? I feel so bad for you

King Mufasa

do they want us to play uncharted more or what?

unknown seavey

woah sis hide the bush ( 0:23 )

Jason Lindsey

*BiltByTitanDarkness song

2: Video games, when you turn off the music and HUD, can be FUCKING TERRIFYING

Konrad Zeuthen

The Big dog is fresken me out

Trayyyvon :P

Who else was waiting for this?


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