L.A. NOIRE (Zero Punctuation)

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Jacob Perkins

I'm not clapping


Wansee Entertainment has entered the chat

(unless you don't count that as death since they come back later, but I think it counts.)

tyler miller

the guy that says "dude perfect" sounds like steve-o

Jeff Stevens

That looks naughty

Nova Susanti

Minggi omg 😲😲


Man Bear Pig

If it asks don't give it 3.50 it's just gonna come back

Lissette Alvarado

If I was you I would be looking for another doc he seemed annoyed ...and not enjoying his title as a doc

If anyone wants to talk with me and chat, or share their experience dm my most used Instagram @cgl_and_anime

I Connor I

E.T the Extra Terrerial? Typo lol

Thomas Clan

Oracle arena

LOVE SCARS 👈👈 💔💔🔥🔥

Jacob Wong

saw devito


"see you, space cowboy" best quote of 2087

this channel is dead

Just becase they tell you they love you .... but they don't show it actions specks louder than words

Mark Brooker


Like if you too...👌👌👌👌

Derpy Animations

"*Civil War is happening in 2019*"

Johnny Joestar

SR4 is mocking Mass Effect 3's options about sex. Just sayin'

Andy Phu

Kim Jong Un


who found the pizza truck in ratatouille?? that is really wierd

Explobot 7

3:12 look at Ty in the background


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