Larry Bird & Magic Johnson Receive the NBA Lifetime Achievement Award | 2019 NBA Awards

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson receive the 2019 NBA Lifetime achievement award. For Full Game Recaps visit: to the NBA: news, stories, highlights and more, go to our official website at NBA LEAGUE PASS:

jada theaker


"I put my wife and child through hell bc I'm an ass. But don't judge."


Father of 3, still got a lil' choked up seeing Hila holding Theodore.

Annie’s World 96

Okay why do you want to do this? Just work out you lazy idiot otherwise stay fat like that idc

Iseei yamazaki

wauuu the easter egg of prince of persia I didn't see it before

Each time I discover things that I've would never knew without you.

What I mean is this game was better in the past, I hate it now and they’re are just lazy with introducing new items and fixing glitches

Sakib Rahman

Haven’t we played this same shit 7 time

Niririn no

i went in and out of that room so many times and i have never noticed it 3:45 :D

lil chawpsticc

Awww yessss. This gets me all hot and bothered you sexy beast take my body  (◕‿◕✿)

Klara Mueller

Can u make your drinks a little cheaper pls I love Starbucks but sadly can’t rly afford it

isabella nazario

People can not support the LQBTQ+ but respect them like a normal human that’s not homophobic

Joel Roman

All y’all did was order water

Javeion Cole

you should do one hand edition

Johnathan Lay

Why people thinks it's Thai how about Cambodia 😍😍🇨🇷😄 🇰🇭😭

Qwynn Hafer

1:58 its called a Turkey

Natanael Domingues

Could you guys film with neymar

Street Disciple Productions

Most accurate quarterback of all time and the greatest quarterback ever

James Soppe

Need blitzball again

Reagan Ward

Wonder kid?? Sry if I’m mean

srinivas t

Was nice we want something special and amazing and cool and moreeeeee........

Akshit Chugh

Fed up of these 2018/19 comments

Isolation BR

Bom...para os gringos de plantão....curupira é uma lenda ali do Brasil....e ele tem os pés virados e o cabelo de fogo, obrigado denada shduahdj maldito monteiro Lobato que só cria lenda fabulosa kkkkkkj

Zachary Boice

Tyler you are going to like this comment. The Texas Rangers.



Taylor Asmr

My favourite team is Seattle Seahawks

Lindsay B

My last name is Boykin

Edwin Alex

do more deep sea fishing....

Max Stamour

these guys should have a tv show

Patrick Burgess

My sisser 6:52

Neetu Gupta

Lele doesn't fit in the character because the character is made smart but lele cannot be considered smarrrttt😂

Cillian McHugh

Try do trick shots with Usain Bolt?!?


Johanna Hoffmann

Often I feel very bad for no reason. I am really unmotivated and I never believe in myself. I often thought that I may have a slight depression disorder but I always tell myself that I'm overreacting and it's just my imagination... So I never told anyone how I feel...

Liam Wright-ryan

I love your video

Joe Smoe

Is it sad I didn't notice the twins weren't there till the very end

Justis Jones

looks up if you can remember memories at 3 GORL I won’t say you’re lying but even though I think you were, I have photographic memory so if you have that too then, YAY! oof.

- "Oh, Dr. Connors!"

Zee Dee

i like the wall

guy is fine asf. 🥵😂

Hamim Plays

I want to see a panda face reveal

papyrus skeleton

What's a car?!? 5$6$'6/54\¥€\...^€€~¥~€~...

Total Ravenclaw

U know people can do that with their mouths, blowing o’s


Were is Garrett?


I have watched Forward Unto Dawn many times. GREAT job on that movie, by the way. Love the Master Chief. CAN'T WAIT!!

i play league LUL

why am i crying in the club rn?

Chynna Natividad

I'm the chairlift struggler

1000 SUBS WITH NO VIDS? really


Henry Pence



hay amigos casi lloro me puso muy sentimental, es hermoso y me hizo pensar que algun dia cuando ya no esten con nosotros, podremos recordar estos hermosos momentos :')

Roosevelt Davis

This was the first video I saw on dude perfect

PJ Clark

The cars are hot


The Texas A&M Football helmet logo on their shirts is the same on on our high school's...Middle Creek Mustangs


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