LCS Highlights ALL GAMES Week 1 Day 1 Summer 2019 Leaguee of Legends NALCS

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Lewis James Brixey

In number 4 did you see the rip in the wall shaped like a naked girl

Raze Slogo

It saved your life until trump became president

Jazmin Martinez

Trust is hard when when you in relationship

Terri Janes

I beat all your records

Snow Wolf

So her powers are fading and she is said to be the one who's going to save the world?? I don't know, that's just what I think is going on

Gretchen Krueger

Fight for your right!!!!

Geoffrey Hunt

Ethan is sooooooo goood i fully agree with him

Knowledge Nuggets

All i ever do is win win win no matter what

Are we going to see everyone that looks suspiciously like you from the other videos and this one???

Vinnie Renaud

steph curry or leBron james

Braeden Barry

Do they ever miss

Faris Mahmood

Seguins face at 4:39😂😂😂


Wish they make a easter egg of the old Borderlands game was about to be 

Maverick Hannasch

I found an easter egg in The Binding of Isaac. There is a poster of super meat boy in the arcade rooms.

Asdfghjkl Zxcvbnm


Elis R'il

what system do you play on?



exru blg

This girl hasn't even told her mom but tells the whole world

Stephanie bear

"Dad? I don't feel so good."


We go from Yahuveh to Yashuah? Well fuck your religion, spambot. And try to make fucking sense.

Dapperlamla163789 163789

Next game dude perfect 3 and 4


Bunch of fu&*in idiots! I can't believe I watch this crap

Yeah, no...

Brennon Hekel

The avengers

Oh wait...

Alex Ta

lol its like u make a ramp like that in a nba court then just do it for like the last shot of the game j lin and k bryant would be like WTF HAX

aver0540 aver0540


Random_dovestar AJPW


Amirul Shah

2017 !!!LET'S GO!


for cod zombies the sotryline is about the rovk


Watching this at 2018 in KoreaGood luck dude perfect

Ricky M

My mom had miscarriages before even waiting for me.

Osman Seid

film with tom brady

Neon Pox

Turtle killer >:(

SayLep Tak

2.47 and 2.53

Djole Mijailovic

Im of a Serbia

I'm in Topanga like I'm Cory M


This game is a jackpot for guru so many interesting, diverse and unique Easter eggs in this game. It could be a series upon itself!


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