Learn Colors Video for Children with Paw Patrol Instrument Toy Cases

We are having fun learning colors with Skye, Marshall and Chase from Paw Patrol! We open up cases full of instruments and other surprises including Play-Doh!

not tasty enough for u

police who??? i dont know her

Me: come on YouTube!


If Keanu is not Johnny Silverhand, I will riot.

Mega Max

Mike Evans is 🐐


4:10 Wouldn't she be like, 70? That doesn't make any sense.


6:33 is that smile dog on the wall to the right



I have the Metro 2033, and I went to that like he did and did what he did, just crouched and looked at it.


Okay i now want to be single forever pls

Staff morale increased


1:40 Harry Potter is amazing. I totally forgot that I was watching a YouTube video. I was just rewatching one of the biggest parts of my childhood.

Killer X7X


Antonio Romero


We come from poverty, man, we ain't have a thing

Dech Nourtide

The Borderlands one is the best because it makes you re-enact the whole movie trilogy from start to finish.

Mochi mochi

I really understand this I relate I always compare my self to my friends to everyone

Kish Jain

My favorite segment is cool not cool

George Gresswell

Were did you get the water car

Finn Cady

3:13 had me week look at ty

Tyrano Toys

10:50 he sounds like Adam Sandler’s Waterboy


you should do the statue of Liberty in New York


Andu Tali

This doc is🐶🐶💞👍


He was only 12 bounces away from 420

Andrey theboss

Toby the camera man.


On the COD MW3 Easter egg where you show where the lines are from, I saw the van pull up next to the girl then a man exits the van WITH A GAS MASK ON And I immediately knew something was wrong with that van...

Susiana Kusumardhani

saya sering melihat dude perfect atraksinya sangat memuaskan

Leonard games R

Fuck gays

Brucy710 Yeee boi


Come!! Join me! I want to you come with me to heaven so we can meet in person!

el_tons33t Playz

wats song

Graciela Reitz

Mother's a hell!


What is your song?

Jerry Webb

What’s 9 plus 10

Josh Ancog

I only noticed few PG 18 jokes. LOL

Lucas Rojas

I did not know Blond had an alternate cover :O

dante ungas

Also how this channel got Kim jong-un


lol they put slender to scare little kids... if they dont try ..

akash hegde

Which is your favorite video game of all time? and also which is your fav movie of all time?

Hotshot 725

Did they die ?? Just wondering ps I love dude perfect and especially Tyler lol!


Thank you for all that Great stuff

Blue Jade


Ivan Ekelund

the last one isn't a easter egg lol

How2With Kaylem

1:13 when your crush says she wants to go out with you

SE Avocado

This mans account is real


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