Lego Spiderman Experimental Superhero Machine Animation for Kids

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Jo Athill

This is my favourite thing on YouTube !!!!!!

The Masoko

Go team coby always gonna cheer

Fish thefish

Title was very misleading I was abt to be mad but I watched and that is very pure 10/10 I'm glad hes ok


He dos look like van go


I’m so sorry you have to go through this 😢

dawson denny

omg they found the bunny......... my nightmare is back O-O

Pengu Fam

I seriously thought this video said “Hit or Miss”

Drew Cheek

coby win

Krystilee Medina

That was very nice of you to help her

Anmol Dhariwal

I bought it a week ago.It gets dirty in a day. Bruh

Maria ftw

And I hope that this brave girl will be better... I love this girl even tho i dont know her... and now i am crying. God bless Sky and this amazing brave girl...

damien tulloch

I like paper plane vid

Laura Tepper

3:42 so much karma

Amanda P

This rap completed Arin Hanson

Zoe Graziano

I have social anxiety, which is basically the feeling that everyone is looking at you and judging you wherever you go.

Shreya Som

2:41 v and kookie .😋😋😋

MM PewDiePie

You put bread in the toaster to make toast you don’t put toast in the toaster


Ty: Are you looking at the numbers? Wife: no I’m looking at Pinterest...

H CredEnce

i laugh till the end videos =)) bloody hell! you hilarious asf , all i want is heard you talk more in your videos!

she keep secrets behind yo bacc

Cam Sharpe

He looks so old

Random Stuff With Cool Guys

This comment is so far down that no one will see is like if you saw it

Emre Erkaya



So Elsa is joining young avengers cool!


I thought you were mute. JK

Ava likes Llamas

I have smiling depression a lot of people think I’m the happiest girl they will ever meet but not on the inside



Jamie Byrnes

I think it is so lol when Cody gets a sugar glass bottle broken over his head

Geovanni Botticella

Aye shout out to Stuckman Jeremy and Cosmonaut Quickie literally all my fav reviewers


2:10 I see you DJ Khaled.... 7:53 Gurukid Groceries, too.

Jade drawing master. Lol


Westyn Strange


Martin Kozubík

I love that Keanu Reeves reveal from Cyberpunk at the end of video.


S0 true, 2018!! lez go

Emily pomeroy

Marbles and I have the same birthday!


Army, atiny BTS,ATEEZ

Loveeee you ATEEEEEZ

miss_ sampat

The animation is good this time.

1Luver aka One Lover

Make It free

Jason Roth

I want to see some trick shots with Alan Alda.

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