Let's Make a JTAG Jasper Xbox 360!

What is this, 2009?! No typo right there, this is not an RGH or even an R-JTAG, this is a legitimate original JTAG modification being performed in 2017! On a Japser of all models! ThePspivan, who is a long time viewer of the channel, was awesome enough to donate a JTAGable Xbox 360 motherboard to the channel here, and for that I'm beyond grateful. On the Xbox 360 the JTAG is my favorite exploit and the Jasper is my favorite motherboard, with it being the last Phat board to be released and probably the most reliable one out there. I have several Xbox 360 consoles in my collection already so I normally don't try to hunt for any more, but with this being such a rarity I couldn't pass it up.HUGE Shoutout to ThePspivan! Without him this video would not have been possible. Show him some love on his channel!Hardware I Use (Affiliate Links):Soldering Tools & Products: US - - on Patreon!Channel!Me on Twitter!on Facebook!Me on Instagram!on Google+InformationArtist: TRAU CHOISong: INTROAlbum: TRAU CHOILink: links specifically listed as affiliate links give me a small monetary kickback at no extra cost to you and no influence on the content.

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the ending lmfao im dieing

Drewbie UnderFire

gotta make a video for the kids

It's over...

Brady Campbell

2:03 imagine if he said this today....

erwin garatigue


Natasha Kings

"The Next story is so personal not even my mom knows"

Cum Brûlée

Man, you could do a whole episode with just Bojack Horseman backround gags/easter eggs. There are so many!

Emily Fraser

I want everything from Manaola 😍

Gavin Sticker

Love the home music for the TSNP DLC Easter egg

Don’t let them take our maymays

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Anyone know the name of the song at 5:15?

Mr. Grape

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It's LamMenade

""mu" known for it's charming qualities" pd2 players will get this in anorther way

Steve Serrano

I know for a fact that this is all for money !!!!


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UnicornQueen101 Xoxo

I can’t stop crying 😭 😢

Joshua 2720

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These are such well made videos.

Caroline & Danielle

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Nikhi Makhijani

Anyone know the name of the Indian snack he was trying to pronounce?

S Perez

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Eric Keene

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Hema Ootam

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dp is my best all games team


It's the item you get at the brown skull shrine. the Developer 666 craft.

Youdeadmate !

coby I belive


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