Let's Play Resident Evil 2 Remake Part 1 - Resident Kinevil

With the recent release of Resident Evil 2 Remake, Mary Kish and Mike Mahardy return as the gruesome twosome to slay some zombs at the Raccoon City Police Department.

Althaf A. A

One like=one punch for John

Louis Claudel

Obvious question : What's your favorite Easter Egg in a Video Game ? Or your 3 favorites ?

Shucks Delwas

A lot of the Cremaster Series by Matthew Barney is very ASMR-like. Especially in #3, there is a scene with a kitten and a piece of string slowly rubbing against a metal rod. Just sayin.'

Katie Burns


Kill Me

0:36 there is an easter egg up there if u go close 2 it the sky changes colour

Hayley Thomas

panda is the best dont replace him

isaigaming chanel

3064 any one

Misha Costescu

I feel bad ....

Mariano Marcuzzi


Ajay Kumar

Cory Cody coby guys bo confusion😅😅😅😅

Ashley G

Longest ally-oop

William Helm IV

love your voice. it is soothing


Can you try to beat the longest Yeah Boy ever ?

Kennedy Edwards

John bout to get his a** beat, if he puts his crusty old hands on another innocent girl🚫😡😈

Zack Aeron Rodriguez

I was expecting a rage monster too wen tyes rocket blew up like crazy wow

sweet lullaby

Ms. Carter should've called CPS

Dux Ngujo

Me is Tyler

Now I'm here

Anya :D

I am tried of the transphobic comments about her and fucking science


yakob thedog

coby won something for the 3rd time.

Suma MB

When I watch terrible and scary dream I cannot speak how harder I try I cannot shout for help, Iike how harder I try to run I just cannot run ..and I will see rainbow colours splashing all around and then with fear in my heart I quickly get up in mid night and when I will open my eyes and take the bed sheet's cover out of my face I will see ghost or Terrible things.....does this happen to you?

Analea Jadalyn

I refuse to send nudes cause idk where they’ll end up


wakes up

ricky harvey

I'm jamming his sonar!

Mocking Jay

Happy new year everybody 😊

Diesel Reidhead

Tyler you got 36.4 but Coby got 24.3 so,Ty you should be in the Finale not Coby.

twinstube imaginary land

I watched this ages ago about five years ago I think

* Rick


S pro's

This is like dude perfect

Josh Raptor

Dude Perfect should do a Jet Ski Trick-Shot Battle!!

Ryan J

The constant playing 'horror music' kinda ruins it for me. I'd prefer to hear the normal game's audio.

Hawkeye: don't give me hope


1:13 - 1:35 offensive violation. Delay of game lol 

Mad Jelly two

Well you got attention from me


MR. Ty where is your DP cap????????


Please, don't try to fool us, you know you like doing it too much to quit.


Im from Serbia xD

Abby Avila

Tiger woods is the master champion

Johannes du Preez




Madara Uchiha

I hope that there isn’t a idiot out there who doesn’t realize it took them like 100 tries to do just 1 trick shot


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