Liverpool FC ● Road to the Champions League Final - 2018/19

Liverpool Football Club is a professional football club in Liverpool, England, that competes in the Premier League, the top tier of English football. The club has won 6 European Cups, more than any other English club, 3 UEFA Cups, 3 UEFA Super Cups, 18 League titles, 7 FA Cups, a record 8 League Cups, 15 FA Community Shields and 1 Football League Super Cup.--------------------------------------------------------------------Second Channel: Channel: Virg--------------------------------------------------------------------Vanemas

FoxyYT Gamer

Subway and it is a beef sub

Debra Winston

4:01 imagine your brothers age tho and all things that he sees

Asvp Chris ツ

Aye Charlotte gang boissss

hazzard 284

i don't get the banana Joes Orange one

Martha Lang

I pooped my pants at school today so that's how I got out of math class

William Alberdi

You gotta love Ty’s camo crocs at 18:02

Ahmad 75

Who got this recommended in 2019? Which is pretty weird. who agrees?

dark repulser

Come on Cody win

xaishamx ?

My sister suffered from pendidsitis but she survived so I understand how u feel...

Breakthrough!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜

chandu raj

Love team copy💖💖💖

DsisRockSolid 1


Hannah Lambert

I have 6 eyes 2 mouths and 3 ears what am I?UGLY!😅😂🤣

Bailey Stone


pancake black

It's not a coincidence, 3 and dead freeman, HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED

Tanner Baughn

I’ve never related more to Emma saying no to turning the air off 😂😂


Rob L. Gross Jr.

rental properties in memphis

Noah Horkey

You guys should react to drop the mic


press 6 for ass

Luke Davis

My dad loves to watch y’all

Colin Mckay

epic video i love it :)


I've got your game it is epic

Captain Eggcellent

Great video as usual Guru, the Calendar Man one is an awesome reference to the Arkham games!

Yeah, the sales can rise I also wanted to say that there is an easter egg that the english community does not know, the drink Mango Rogel is a reference to spanish Mangelrogel youtuber that makes a series of the first Octodad and now has 1,000,000 subscribers.


My life is over

Guneet Karra

Instagram is amazing it’s my favorite app on my iPhone

Jp gaming

Damn! awesome video man


At 6:34 the explosion dots the "I"!

That W guy

All really good finds, but you’re missing one that is hard to get without the mutation Marsupial. It’s a Panda and an Alien on the highest mountain in the game. There’s some writing on the wall up there saying “Astropanda”.

HerinAtom Gaming

I just noticed that there is a twin in their gang, after so much video.

Pizza Wølf

21:08 He looks like a mouse with that nose warmer

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