Mark Eliyahu - Journey (Mehmet Gulec Remix)

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i see why gta V is better than watch dogs

Raged Venom

Let’s hope 343 learned their mistakes

Matthew Audas

Cn tower next

The Little Misses

The Supercarlinbrothers were right about the giants!!

Saskia Long

please watch :P

Subhash Chander

Panda is the best dancer

the nasty show ma

Next battle should be fish snakes till mid night

Heath Meizer

What a great idea for a video. New subscriber here from Australia. Loved it. Blessings to you. 💕🦄🙏

Yussef Yuzi

Your editing skills are amazing, keep up the good work


4:50 you aren't cool

Erick García

3:31 it reminds me of when the sandcastle got destroyed

Richard Winter

“Enhance Image” by far the greatest line I’ve heard from you Babish. The tone was everything.


I’m going with the last guy I think it’s Corey the guy that got no points I fell sorry for him. I hope he wins another game

Elliot Pham

I think the title is hilarious, what is this? WatchMojo?

Viktor Aggerholm

Does Tyler even now anything about physics?

Steve 1000000

This video is kinda deconstructive, funny though!😁

Peter Wilson

There were some Easter eggs and secrets on borderlands 2 but it's been almost a year since I've played it so I can't remember :'(

The cokito

Whos whatching in 2018?

Maha Khan

Lmao what im 13 and I weigh around 65kg too and ppl tell me I look fine. That ain't fat


All you liberals stop getting mad at our government. As long as they don’t immigrate illegally (: it’s so easy to come legally!!!

Fortnite PS4 clips

6:23 what is sterling doing when it’s going in

Soviet Doggo

Their is nothing wrong with being transgender I’m bisexual and I think everyone should be treated equally 😠 and you should bring her to life

Kristen 24

This music brings up sad memories

S&I Legendary Shots

That's cool

pradyun chandramouli

What kind of horrible school do you go to those people are horrible

My friend: W.... What.....?


i’ve never wanted to eat through my phone so bad


Lowry is a big spoiled CRY BABY. He was show-boating and had no concern for the people on the bench. His ATTEMPT to keep the ball in play was FAR TOO LATE. He knew he'd be crahing into fans --- who would break his fall. Ignorant spoiled CRY BABY. He needs to be ejected. Not the person who was RIGHTFULLY offended at the JERK ! The shove was MINOR compared to the potential injury Lowry could have effected upon those in the seats. Shame on the CRY BABY !

Pedro Gonzalez

HOLY SHIT !!! and hes white !!!? O__o

Itsss Pretty

Tbh my life is just like this sometimes


Why does Tyler have such a big forehead

RawrCat XD

So many R2-D2s.

- Public transport stereotypes

DriZ_Turtle •

Guy: All girls are selfish

Harry Gorrila21

Who is still watching in 2019

JT Daniely

The end of the video. I bet its goddamn Slenderman. For crying out loud when he was told to run, it started to fog up. No doubt about it.


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