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You listen to real music

Cool YT

Who’s watching in 2019Can’t wait to get a ton of likes in 2019



Not Technoblade

Not a secret anymore

Winning Falcon

Show the helicopter crash

BACONbrawl 22

What about filming the eagles

Jasper McCleery

My dad has seen you

SavagePanda 68

McGregor 4 life

irgi samsung

Wehere its

poo sucks

Dude perfect has infinite cars

Beast Mode

Interview Duron Harmon my cousin in NFL patriots

Mellow Psych

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What the your age

Shadow star

Ty everyone on the team has something they're good at you win some you lose some you all have your special qualities everyone of you is awesome at what you do wish and hope some day I can come out and make or be a part of a video with you guys, you guys are amazing...

Jason Braded

Is this sword smithable or is it a mod?

magic maniac

I've never tried any of these

Finn Flix

editor: how intense should we make the trailer?director: have you ever watched Christopher Nolan editor: ON IT!

wowcoolwow O3O

Uhg being bipolar isn’t this bad you have big mood swings for months at a time and believe that one or two things are true that clearly aren’t. Like I truly believe people can read my mind I can’t control it or anything but it isn’t that bad stop freaking people out this is why people think I’m a psycho when I tell them I’m bipolar

Sreeja Nair

It happens cobyu🙂🙂🙂🙂

Joy Deocampo



I love every single one of your videos. They are fantastic.

ItzComplicated Games



im fat and i love myself (:3

small bob

Coolest rocket was the bounty hunter


Fucking Gatorade!

Isaac. H

I honestly think the way that Curry and Klay played tonight might spark for one of them to have a tremendous game on the next one! I feel Klay will be shooting lights out.

MinuteVideos: Are you even listening!

Reese Peters

you need to film with a hockey player

Natalie Crowl

#YIAYjob your slave

cheyenne cheyenne

Trop puissant

jazyiah palmres

This happened to me when I was sleeping I heard a bang at my window and saw a shadow and I'm not going to lie I went back to sleep

This girl is so lucky

Shannon Pethel

Crazy its only been 12 hours ago already 1.5 million views that was a badass fight tony and cowboy are savages congrats on both guys

• Gacha_MerGirl2000 •

1900’s: I hope there is flying cars in the future!!2019: five guys flipping couches, ladders, and knivesNot hating just saying

azure kay

i loved that simpsons reference, its one of the funniest joke in the series (at least for me), this is by far the best expansion of WoW if we are talking about easter eggs.

Old Old



if you guys didn't get tickets than there are still seats left. I bought my ticket and there are still some seats left ... GO BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!!!

Kelly Boslow

Pls all sub to me


Sometimes I forget that I'm not exactly in this movies target audience based on my age but I'M SUPER EXCITED!!!!!


my mom constantly tells me to die if I can't do what she can't, and she doesn't support what I do.


Im the loud eater lol

The Arty Duo

When I saw the title: oh a math test🙂


You guys are better than pewdiepie and t-series XD

Amy Arias

Alguien me lo resume en español :"v? ♡


the dolan twins r so f***ing agressive i truly can't watch this vid


Why during the Titanic Easter Egg was your pointer on the right then switched to the left?

Kedija Hassen

I’m only allergic to dust... allergic reactions are the worst my face, back, and hands get all itchy

Qwe101MSP 2

Me while watching the video: soo.... I guess your wife and your daughter didn't matter anymore.


Cam newton

hi hi

I this is how anxiety workes then that one girl sitting next to you is anxiety and also that smile screams I'm going to kill you


I've told my mom about my Germophobia and Anxiety but im to scared to tell my dad


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