Melo’s Time in Houston Turns Into a Nightmare | Game Of Zones S6E4 | REACTION

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Reynold Santiago

This is video is more fake than your mom. This surely is art of video edition. No one is perfect and they call themself dude perfect, I am not a hater but watching edition and breaking world record really made me mad.

Mehakjot singh Mehakjot singh

India will be winner

Itz Ashley

I suffer from this every day..I cant eat,Cant sleep,Dont go outside..

Joe Cross

Finally you make a decent steak!

Paranee Temsiripong

is minutevideo's stories from thailand?


man that basketball curved hella in air...

Charlie Wilhelm

U should do a video with steph


2:20 that's what she said


I like turtles.

kakkak lalal

I thought ur buddy will say that can u be my girl

John Butcher



This is my favorite movie everrrrr!!! ^~^


Vahagen Estepanian

Is the girl vegan


Make a second one 2019 anyone

Siddiqi Iqra

They should make another best of bloopers.👍


probably some developer told his friends about it and than it got posted on the internet

Cao Tien Chau


ItachiUchiha Love

Love yourself the way you are💜💜💜

ritu Gupta

Tie is the best

Ricardo Garcia

That looks fun

Are normal conversations

Luis Pacheco

Not even a correct pencil flip

Matthew Jackson

4:58 I found bald purple hoser

Serli Young

0:35 did he really try to hide a phone in his mug?


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Ian Menachery

How much money did they spend on those metal detectors

Curly-haired girl: Hey, do you support gay people? Just encase you didn't read the description, just know this is just a test which is a large reason for its length. I hope you guys understand this and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I loved making it. Thanks for watching!

Genevieve Magnusson

Why didn't you go to counseling FIRST

Griffin Carlson

Not Garret

Elsa Adinda

Elsaa? Yes, i am :)


The destiny one mindfucked me I'm still sitting here thinking about how crazy that it


Garrett looks identical to his dad

Witch Eliza

Made me think of Many Sides of Jane. 💛

After all he fell backwards and the pod hit the turret.


You missed the Deadpool one XD


Guru whats ur twitch name is it like ur youtube one

Toni Blackstone

2 of the best rounds ever and the crowd is pure shit... fuck them all!

Ivan Robledo

find a new

Its me Daveigh caigoy


RB_Curry 101

Odell EditionNahTryhard Edition

Cookie The YouTuber

There is no best country but some are much better then the rest.

Baiju Nandanam

Anyone in 2019 may


i dont understand why at 1:23 his hand is black but is face is white?

please sub :(

jenna grimes


Sarai Walle

Clearly You talked about your hair for 1 second 🤦🏻‍♀️

Austin Davis

Your amazing. Don’t listen to them.

yes fj stuff yes

how is bully a swear word for you


the gba skin makes max look like a minecraft skin lol

Ryanchapin 1202

Cam newton


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