Michael Jackson - You Rock My World (Official Video)

The short film to "You Rock My World," the Top 10 hit single from Michael Jackson's Invincible, features guest appearances from Chris Tucker, Michael Madsen and Marlon Brando, in one of his final film appearances.Buy/Listen to 'Invincible' - Written and Composed by Michael Jackson, Rodney Jerkins, Fred Jerkins III, LaShawn Daniels and Nora PayneProduced by Michael Jackson for MJJ Productions, Inc. and Rodney Jerkins for Darkchild EntertainmentFrom the album Invincible, released October 30, 2001Released as a single August 22, 2001THE SHORT FILMDirector: Paul HunterPrimary Production Location: Los Angeles, CaliforniaMichael Jackson's short film for "You Rock My World" was one of two short films produced for recordings from Invincible, Michael's sixth album as an adult solo performer. As a single, "You Rock My World" was a No. 1 hit in France, Spain Portugal, Poland and Romania, and reached the Top 10 in another 16 countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy and Australia. In the United States, the single reached the Top 10 of Billboard's Hot 100 (his 28th career Top 10 single in America), Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles, Mainstream Top 40 and Rhythmic Top 40-marking Michael's fourth consecutive decade with a Top 10 hit since the 1970s.The ambitious, 13-minute "You Rock My World" short film features guest appearances from Chris Tucker, Michael Madsen and Marlon Brando (in one of his final film appearances). Michael and Chris follow a beautiful girl (Kiyasha Dudley) into a club, where Michael attempts to woo her from a potential suitor (Madsen). Michael's seduction causes a fight between an enforcer (Billy Drago) and himself, which results in a fire breaking out in the club. Michael briefly encounters the club's boss (Brando) before escaping with Chris and the girl.The "You Rock My World" short film won an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Music Video in 2002.Follow the Official Michael Jackson Accounts:Spotify - Facebook - Twitter -Instagram -Website -Newsletter -YouTube -

callie stephenson

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Bj Little

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the rich & the poor


I really hope T Swift will be on this show once

DerpyPirateDawg Thatoneguy1120

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Toy Fandubs

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Judeviktor Buhay

100 million views they reached it


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This is definitely sponsored by Powerade


This is the first time I know the song on a Dude Perfect Video


He throw credits cards!!02:52

Kevin, Li Kien Chung

I love panda

Welington K.

dude the first one was hilarious i'm from Brazil and its funny as hell !

LinLin101 _

I love this sm ahh the twists


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Caleb nash

hey, that armour in the van IS master chief's armour.

Hispanic Mamba

Why is the water so realisticLike if ur excited👇🏽

Randal A. Aaberg MD

wtf does unused easter eggs mean

Lianelle Comboy

I think this is the most viewed video in youtube cause it is 105million views (2019)

Epicurean Mir

That was Awesome!!! A catch of fresh air in this crazy times!!! Coach with a sense of humor!!! 👍

Daniele Abdon

7:11 to 7:46 is so relaxing 🤤

FoTs_AlphaHawk 5

Why can't they do vids with better shots like this all the time? Now it's just like shooting a three and flipping out. Like I love dp don't get me wrong I have been watching their videos forever I just think it their shits sent as amazing

Adoption is an option.

Nikita Masson

May God bless you guys!

xXTuanaXx XD

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Gabriel Lee

I'm team Cory all the way.

Laurie Piper


Nisha Kanojia

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Evan Deneault

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Origami Gaming

I know that no human being ever can do this, but it’s super cool to watch.

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Melissa naicker

at first i thought he just broke up with her until she was in the black dress and i new he was dead

Jacobo Vazquez

You truly are... The King of Easter Eggs!!

Iván H

You always put the best songs in your videos, great work. :)

Wesley 25

Idea for a. video

Kenneth Jurls

Damn. I don't remember Simpsons Hit & Run being almost 13 years old

Akane Sasu

It looks so fun!!!Wanna try too😀😀😀🙌


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