Mi Gente

Reece Bentley

this game has some crazy easter eggs! XD

Aadarsh Aravind

good work panda🌲🌳

- RazR -

I finally remember this channel.

Oliver O'Neill

Team Coby will still win again

Mahdi Rida

They have the best job in the world

I am now playing the flute I am great at it, my friends are good.

Lillian Trosper

Anyone commenting in 2020??

It's kind of annoying hoe she keeps calling him a jerk

Big Tasty

What minor league Park is that?

mun mun

Bro, they should let you use the golden spork outside of zombies.


Kefka VS Sephiroth


GUNS N ROSES!! Best easter egg ever


rob dyrdek best video ever

Jin Ji Kim

Let's dramatic

lil taco

1.16 a batwith some nails😂😂


Was Lara VJJ sticking out wtf


when they put more effort into making the vid that they starred in

Sharagupta India

panda is tyler's brother

Atomic Gamez

i found one missing


Real my ass. Just like thoose NBA fantasy commercials -.-


Also i dont get why Momo wasn't center in this comeback! This concept was clearly made for her!!!

Education is a human right

PrO Kid


Liza Licup

MAKE like a greama🤫


This game really is not the best, and these Easter eggs were pretty lame, however, this was a video made by Guru. Atleast it means the video was flawless ;). And Guru, if you see this, you spelt decent wrong in that first comment, sorry to be so nitpicky XD

Yog Kumar

Remember you cannot mention iphone as a phone

Adolf Hitler

Ricardo's shots were fake like he needs to be sent to gulag get tortured and executed


did anyone see the creeper easter egg

Emerson Hanson

Summer 2019?

Benjamin Pikman

Katniss everdeen

Ms.milky Daddy

that script writing is 10/10

עדיאל שטרקמן

4:06 gaaaaay

Ch. Wpy

I love these

Lawson Deblieux

I love toby mac especially the song eye on it which is from toby mac i listen to him every single day!!

Aiden Brantley

Team ty

Hey it’s Easy

Pet giraffe

i don't have the best of memory. maybe i'm wrong.

Eva Treat

When your boyfriends name is Gavin...

Jayden Ramos


Emma Johnson

Here in eastern Kentucky the only thing we have is Texas Roadhouse so that’s on top for me 🙃

Photography Life 101

Ur busted Dude Perfect.... I have figured out the panda!!! The panda is a dude named Jeff Tony. Because the there is an episode "DP HQ trick shot editon" where you tour the DP HQ. Guess what. A sign that says Jeff Tony is on there. He is not a "dude" but underneath it says Mr. P or Mr Panda. 👮🏻‍♂️!! BUSTED

Veraa ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Really Good 👌🏻❤️🦒


Why is the music so sad like in a Disney movie

Rafael Ch.

Nice. I really enjoyed this video


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