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i dont see beckham


Connect 4

Ben Conway

So potentially if you think about it in GTA 4 cos the statue of liberty has a heart then she could come alive

ly minh

i'm pretty sure the baby died is because of the nails


your youtube channle is the best

Beazt Man

Is he supposed to be Leonardo DiCaprio

Brody Jakubowski

Why are ALL the comments about Aaron Freakin’ Rodgers🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

Lakeitha Bonds

Back board then boheind the back

simargeet man

I still don't understand how a ball of plastic can be 3 times as expensive as a baseball


so cool

King Jake717


Jake Rosten

Anyone got a list of all the music Guru uses? I love the tracks he uses.

candy tube

Dude is she on drugs

juliano siegenthaler

in killzone shadow fall there is a mission where you can find a plant in a boot wich maby refferences to Wal.e

mason sutherland

Bottle fillip

André Antunes

In my opinion (and my opinion only), i think the final battle against Liguid Ocelot (Metal Gear Solid 4 - Guns of the patriots) is the best. The all MGS saga is a big self-reference in of itself, but i just love the touch they add, that when you're fighting the final boss, and u know that is the end of Solid Snake's story, a character u came to love for 10 years... you grew up with those games, and there is nothing more satisfiyng than at the end being reminded of all those experiences, through the themes of all the 4 games in the series 

James Lee

Thanks always for a great video ;)

The Official SATAN

Thumb nail the guy in ythe white jersey the the no.9 on it looks like a younger eminem

Pallavi B

He could piggy back him

Sheila Berdiel

Sub to Douglas hillman

Braedon Brenna

lol 19:19 simon "come 'ere"

johnny bridges

listen guys if u have played arkham ayslum at the end you will know that scarecrows hand comes out of the water and grabs a titan box this is my idea of what happend to scarecrow he grabbed the titan box and injected him self with titan and swam to shore in arkham city than he went to bludhaven and made a deal with falcone so falcone shiped the bugs to a arkham city boat and than did some expermints on the guy and stored him on the boat make sense like if u thinks it makes sense????????????????

But the dog tho😭😭😭😭😭

Rob Tira14

Giant tennis

Luis Molina

Where is chanel

I Vvv

These were my favourite games when i was younger the good memories


i suprised why i cant se one Chras in it

Nicholas Niemi

coby finally won!!!!

dharti patel

Ya they where

Yael Chávez Paniagua


Rajas Umalkar

Lol just name it New Amsterdam.

Willis Cool Boys

I’m fan of Colby

Deriae' Williams

That so nice

Nik Muzzhafar Shah

so much view...

Andrew Su

can i get the golden beauty$$?

Savannah Maxwell


Savages_yeah lol

7 years ago.. damn

gung tut

Mantap bang

Chicken NecroKid

Lol Thats Morgz The Spoiled Bart Kid!!!!


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