#MMB 288#

Mrs Carter


Me: *in the corner eating goldfish*

Korbin Adams

my closet is the size of their closet door!

Saad Ahmad

What's the name of the song ?

The nerd

Guru Rarri

1:56 The Weeknd reference

oliver väljaots


Andrew Dennison

Still looking for the song

melandri 385

Call of duty warfare 3


Make that 10.5 million. XD

Element Gaming


Rayed Hamayun

Thx 4 mentioning jump scares dude most people don't and that's cuz there jerks so seriously dude thx


freefire love/gamer

Give me one drone

Gumtree Jr

Can you film with Pat O’Donnell please

See how I feel?

Alan Paterson

THAT'S GONNA BE AWESOME! Hopefully there's TONS of Easter Eggs!

Speedy Tyler

I’m Drew 🐝


Lol so many uncharted Easter eggs LOLOLOL :D

love from Israel 🤗

Funny Vines XD

I did

Brayden Henderson

Do tricks shots whiff Krik Cousins

Fpv Maniac

Yo is this the dicks store in the woodlands in houston tx?


Let me just say this may be true for alot of people but it is not completely true. I was sent to them throughout my childhood and yes it was like the movies, i starved myself for over a week because of the allergy laced food, barely any outside time. Screaming, crying kids who were on drugs, or ran away from home abuse, or had serious issues (like me) the doctors and teachers were not helpful and the nurses actively hated the kids, we even heard a nurse talking about a nurse who got away with overdosing a kid and they giggled about it. We were abused, punished, starved, locked away for hours of the day if we cussed or talked back at the treatment, given medicine that was too much to handle and would high us up before our visitation. It was so bad now as i am older i have PTSD and freak at the thought of going to a hospital for mental health. Mental health needs to have awareness but so does treatment for it. I could benefit going back now that im in a better state but the fear is there. Im happy for people who have good memories and got help there but it is not like that for everyone, i certainly came back out more suicidal than i went in and this was a very well known hospital. Lots of stuff happened there its just painful to recall.

Lrya catiyu

The art style is beautiful!

Phillip Han

Is anyone watching this in 2017?


omg jackceptickeye

Alejandro Jiménez

awesome video my friend, keep up the good work

Cat Bradley 2nd acc

6:02 the baby be like -_-

Blue hire

So what u saying is that if bully bullied u u should turn him into a master.....


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