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► Abonează-te la TraLaLa! Ascultă TraLaLa pe Spotify: TraLaLa găsești cele mai frumoase desene animate în limba română pentru copii!Episoade noi de desene animate vor apărea în fiecare luni și joi de la orele 19:00, așa că nu uita să te abonezi la canalul TraLaLa.Dă click pe episodul tău preferat:0:00 Petrecerea3:24 Plimbare cu bicicleta 6:49 Naufragiații10:14 Cămila 13:39 Nuca de cocos 17:04 Valiza20:29 Bradul de Crăciun 23:54 Peștișorul 27:19 Plaja 30:44 La pescuitVizionează și cântecele pentru copii în limba română, apăsând link-urile de mai jos:Cântece TraLaLaCântece de toamnă TraLaLa de leagăn TraLaLa Cântece de iarnă pentru copii TraLaLa de primăvară pentru copii TraLaLa rata nici cântecele pentru copii în limba engleză: un LIKE și pe Facebook: întotdeauna bucuroși să primim mesajele voastre! Ne puteți lăsa comentarii pe Facebook sau aici, pe YouTube! #tralala #cantecepentrucopiitralala

Kailyn The Unicorn Lover

This video wants me to find everyone’s baby pictures now.

Susana -

I also get vanilla bean with Java chips!

Krzysztof Chojnacki


Joann Oriol

I have both plus insomnia. It is horrible, so many of us are so messed up, it's sad.

Keith-Munguia Brothers

To think I believed in you Ty

Baim Kids PE

Wow I never seen someone jump over a car with a pogo stick

Pineapple DotDot

guru you've made me laugh so many times at easter eggs that I've never found, it is legendary for someone to find ALL of these easter eggs man, but how did you do it, I guess your really up to date with new EE so yeah. And also keep up the hard work you put in these videos man, hope you had a fun 4th of July, and keep making these vids man they make me laugh everyday

Heloise BEYLOT

I’m sorry for what I say if it is hurting u but

Tarun Sharma

rage monster has always been my favourate


I only get that first one now.


Aweee happy belated birthday mr marbles 😋🐶 ❤ i didnt get to pay my phone and clicked immediately on the video


Love your vids

archxxx chandler

Dallas Mavericks?

septian cs

Who the fck make the Indonesian subtitles

sera resia

i still confused about the A113,pizza planet truck,and the ball what does that mean? tell me please

Cristiano Ronaldo7 fucking smashed his teacher with chair and he got EXPELLED AND STILL HE WAS SUCCESSFUL.


This story is familiar

Nolan Shea

Over the tree swish

adrienne gellman


abrahan montano

Lets call it the THANOS BOTTLE


Sweet new game I have it

Tyler Shelton

Black ops 2 Mob of the Dead Fireworks thats a funny one lol

marcus ayers

Halle berry boob sweat


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