Movie Sequels That Were Thankfully Shut Down

It's no surprise when filmgoers complain about the complete lack of creativity coming from the movie industry. Still, if there's one thing even worse than a lack of creativity, it's too much creativity, and Hollywood's history of insane abandoned sequel ideas proves it. Since we're talking about planned sequels, beware of spoilers for films you haven't seen yet.You'd think a franchise with 200 million years of backstory would have no problem coming up with plots. Nevertheless, the Jurassic Park franchise has been hyper-focused on bioengineered super-dinos. The big bad in Jurassic World was the Indominus Rex, basically a T-Rex with various other dinosaur DNA, while Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom featured the Indo-Raptor, a raptor crossed with Indominus Rex DNA. Believe it or not, it could have been a lot weirder.2001's Jurassic Park III featured a low point in the whole franchise with a dream sequence that included a talking raptor:Despite that, the producers wanted to double down with Human-Dino hybrids for a sequel. Yes, Jurassic Park turns into the Island of Dr. Moreau. Back In 2005, the proposed story for the fourth film was a secret genetics lab that crossbred humans with dinosaurs, creating hybrids capable of solving complex problems and firing automatic weapons… and probably inspiring a lot of toys too. The idea got far enough along that a script was written and concept art was developed. Thankfully, the human-dino hybrids idea went extinct, but don't get too cozy.Longtime Ghostbusters buffs might already know that a potential third entry in the franchise would have found the blue-collar gang taking a trip down to the underworld to visit Satan's homestead. The name of this film was going to be Ghostbusters 3: Hellbent, though its version of Hell would not feature your standard lake of fire and molten brimstone. The idea was that Hell was actually an alternate version of Manhattan — called ManHELLton — where the crew would even meet up with the devil himself, a Donald Trump-like character named Mr. Siffler.While the "Ghostbusters in Hell" pitch is well-known, what's less well-known is that the idea actually goes back much further, to the first film. In early drafts of the story, the Ghostbusters made it to the gates of Hell, which were even designed by concept artist and comic book legend Bernie Wrightson.Keep watching the video to see more movie sequels that were thankfully shut down!#CanceledMovieSequels #MovieSequelsA Jurassic Park with human dinosaurs | 0:22Ghostbusters in Hell | 1:49Indiana Jones and the Monkey King | 2:51I Am (Still) Legend | 4:09An evil E.T. | 5:00A Se7en sequel with psychic powers | 6:11Forrest Gump 2 | 7:20Rambo vs. Monster | 8:27Star Wars: Splinter of the Mind's Eye | 9:41Godly Gladiator | 10:55


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