My Friend Pedro - Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Jean-Luc and Persia check out My Friend Pedro from the CNET Xfinity Smart Home! This new Shoot 'em Up side-scrolling adventure is a fun and unique shooter for PC & Switch!

Rebeka Smith

I knew you could do it Coby, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Tiny Chip

Hell yes

Ismael Gallardo

song at the end?

Omar Al Damigh

When Squaresoft was the Disney of the gaming industry. Such fond memories of FFVII VIII & IX.

Shronik Arora

Do nerf gun battle

Avin Sen

Brodie knew what to do I’m guessing he went to a temple before

Good Girl

My crush did that too She called him a jerk cause he was being a stubborn asshole and then was happy and smug when she basically got fired.

PolyEast Events

I dont realize that panda go through

Philipp Puk

There's also the Phones with a The Division wallpaper in the some stores


April 2019 anyone

She obviously writes Garfield smut for a living

Sol Soman

I thought utah was like a really hot place though

Golden Panda

I saw the thumbnail, i thought u have tmau


the mans face on the rock is jessie pinkman from breaking bad their is also a couple more breaking bad easter eggs in gta 5 like a abandoned rv in the desert

Popin Eryday

I can’t even feel pity for you. Honestly, some of these videos are just people asking for trouble.


Haha how is cyber bulling a thing. Just put the phone down and block them.

xd Kingpin

I thought Dlo was on the thumbnail

Amrik Gola

8 million actually


I hate you all, stop breaking toys


Then it’s not ur step mom


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