Nazboo's Dragon Family Caper | Shimmer and Shine Kids Game

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Silent Gaming

How to trick an idiot after this can i have my like Read More

Josh Creepa

Where do you get that laser from? I need to know!!! For science of course.

Nasir Ahmad


Hi sa lahat ng mga Pilipino dito!

You became paranóic..but creative

elon astor

Cantas culero...pero culerisimo..

Darrell Smith


Shannon Robinson

Is panda real and you is he

Christian Johansen

I feel like sumo wrestlers are the nicest people in the world

Josh Creepa

I see Tyler was riding his trophy from the Dirt Bike Battle. Nice one.

Dank Smiley


Knight Gamer797

These like Stephen Curry shots but better

Aydan 6

Why is it just ty the whole time


And I Said Hey Hey Hey Hey What's Going On? Lol

MGRaiden Jack

in the first mission hendricks says "i can do this all day" which is the line of captain america

Micah Williams

Ok who's totally pumper about frozen 2? Because I am. #frozen2movie ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️


That must have been horrible. Her dad was a murderer. Wtf. I feel so bad for her and I send her my love 💗💗


it's all your fault I can't believe you sat next to her for 10 minutes I was 9 and I would have accepted the fact that she's dead at that point already and immediately called

Brooklyn Hanninton

At first I was confused by the trailer but I realized that it doesn’t spoil the movie, nice one Disney.

Smol Cath


ScusH Gaming

Just because your gay doesn't mean your gaee

Electric иoνα

no, i think he found his dick

Matt Wretched

uncultured philistines. =)

I didn't know what to write

Douche Bag

Because AMERICA!

ronnie smarr


Agent Orange

0:23 the blonde in the yellow skirt looks like Shawn and Marlon Wayans in White Chicks.


i laughed my ass off on the farquad part XD




I found how to flip the elephant

Tracy Lytle

Why The Heck Do They Do Rage Monsters?

Nieves Flores

in mexico

enallia brooks


juwairiah Gangat

I was told that bipolar was that you would change moods really quickly. Like you would be happy then angry but I didn't know it was about all this

Anonym Girl

I think I'm gonna drive this car...

Jill Longo

I have some of those

Kc Games

You see, you do miracles with these weapons.

Samia Elshenawi

dude perfect sucks so much

Dislike Please

I’m 4 years late

Hot Tamales

Who is in the logang

Also we can kill meet up with Jake if u want...itd just 2 talk

Mahendra Pandey

That’s waste of food people need that more than you


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