Ned Stark Meets Gendry [HD]

Lord Eddard Stark finds Robert's bastard son, Gendry.From Game Of Thrones Season 1

Makoto Narukami

Did anyone else laugh at the jumpscare?

Danny Mistry

JC talent

Don't cry

Jack Little

4:18 “I eat this all the time” lol


Teacher: You're only saying this to get attention, you probably deserve the treatment. You need to be taken down a peg anyway miss A+ student.

I am Bananananana

How can someone just turn into a troll?

luna santiago

puerto rico hes my type of guy

Chris Ray

Mine is a corndog

Cade Housh

I'm the first to watch in 2019

Allan Biala

Just give the kappa a cucumber or something. Then it'll be fine.

Toxic Theboy

Did she get rape at 230?

NightShade 1909

Gloriana: You will never get a girlfriend.

Matt Canterbury


only way you would of been able to get out of that would be by teleporting via the astronaut

Oh and also add me on Origin (PC) if you have Battlefield 4. Origin ID: GuruKid


Therapist. The rapist.

Neethish Neethish

Cody support like for me

villalyn mapalad


boltsowner r

I really dont know what the sandwich is cause i dont eat any meat sandwiches...


Dad: Black hair 👨🏻‍🦱

Tadgrick Peart

is what I would say if it was true

blanca blo


Caleb Yazzie

Hi guru :)

Jashei Hana

You forgot the Mammoth frozen in ice.

Lil' Pump

When neck is life, lmao.

Tiffany Graeber

We never see panda in ur new vids

Justin L

Flip a water bottle into the basketball hoop and cap it

Andre Spelbring

Doesnt work on my phone

Onni Partanen

How did that last one happen HES RIGHT FUKCING THERE


You Guys Should BROMO Watermelons NEXT And I have a question are you guys Christians? My dad is a pastor.

Raheela Siddique

I didn't even know boomerang was a frickin sport.....

Tariq Sahi

I feel like men,lol


nice outro bro very awkward



Jan 14729



Xbox: We truly want our next console to be transformative, more immersion, lower loading times.


I had a friend named Layla, She had a girlfriend named Stacy. Yes, She's bisexual. Stacy is very beautiful, Just by looking at her blonde hair, Blue eyes, And her doll-like face, You'll fall for her. One day Stacy stopped hanging with Layla because she has "SAT Prep's" and she was "busy" I was really curious why she stopped hanging out with her, I decided to stalk her at lunchtime. I saw her with another girl, Holding hands! I can't believe what i saw, I told Layla about what i saw and she just responded "No, You're just jealous. I have her" I tried to explain to her but she got mad and shouted at me "Enough! Stop lying already! She's loyal to me! There's no way she'll cheat on me, She loves me! I hate you! We're not friends anymore!" I was shocked, I couldn't believe what i was hearing. My best friend was like this, I ran with tears in my eyes. I ran to the bathroom and cried, I lost her. After that, She saw her with another girl and they were holding hands. She was shocked, She ran to her and asked "Babe? Why are you holding hands with her?" Stacy responded "Well, I never loved you. But when you confessed to me i felt bad if i reject you, You will cry. 'Cause i heard you're a sensitive person, I love Alice" Layla cried and screamed, she ran to me and apologized. Now we're besties again

Brandon McDonald

Where's Garret


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