Nervous singer Rodelle from the Philippines lights up the stage | Ireland's Got Talent 2019

Nurse Rodelle from the Philippines shakes off his nerves to sing an amazing rendition of Elvis's 'Can't help falling in love with you' Catch up on the full episode here: GOT TALENTFACEBOOK: MEDIA TELEVISION:FACEBOOK:


I hope the shooting and movement feels more like Max Payne 3 instead of GTA4. Running was really weird and awkward in GTA4..

50,000,000,000 subs with garbage content Trash

Me when I die in 2nd place

Ashlyn Thompson

Sexy turtles😏😏

Дарина К

Жду озвучки камеди стоп

Lou Garvilles

Do a best sli.e battle

manu Budhija

My favourite is garret

Bonita Loki Teixeira

This is messed up. Very disappointed with this video. First I thought they broke up and then he died in car accident ? So misleading and traumatic. I’m very sorry for a girl really. Death of person is worst than break. The whole title and video are too depressing ...

billy bones

I know alot of things about Africa in the city alot of people have motocycles we like to dance,play football the real one and our side walks are dirt

Or just Netflix he’ll u make these!

Masera Dawood

When I was three I made an imaginary friend😂

Zura Dragonight

The over the tree basket shot

Lorcan Corless

0:58 more like what kind of running


That's amazing man

Mega Max

Mike Evans is 🐐


How to get views 😉

Pinat Khafizov

Не только я один русский смотрю

Amber Seat

you guys are so awesome

Brandon Daake

Did anyone else notice that Bugs life and monster inc where the truck was, it was the same pace

Noah Reed

Bro mo rocks!


Lol 1:05 sackboy little big planet

Saima Abid

Very emotional

idk and different things you going on

In in summer

Kylie’s Corner

I would use all of this as an opportunity to enter in the Make A Wish Foundation 4 times.


i dont like Exploding i want TRICK SHOT

James K. Kim

That pineapple stood no chance against the sword!


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