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Big 1400

boogie thought he would sneak in and run off with a ring, FOH!!!!


Sam! You fuck! Do a low carbs recipe! :P

Dominik Owczarek

Polska przejmuje

Isaac. H

I honestly think the way that Curry and Klay played tonight might spark for one of them to have a tremendous game on the next one! I feel Klay will be shooting lights out.


We love chandler 😂❤️

gay p*rn


in gow 3 carmine did not die.

Aaron P



Bravo! Standing ovation. Well deserved.

Stephanie Frank


Connor G

You guys should do a joust battle video

That was one bad fight😞When we met each*other on the hall* we just run away soo fast 😅😅😅

Stephen Blakely

Ty is such a petty, sore loser

Alex Rodriguez

How did Germany Lose???

Lauren Eskenazi

aaron judge

Ruth Jacob

next battle tank

i have very big feet

holy shit why does this video have 11 million views?

Oluseyi Babayeju

My mom is 42 and her childhood photos are in black and white

Minecraft Mason


Boy:Send pics?

Capricorn 1

Plz make pasta amitriciana from Jessica jones

Dermot Burns

your sick tyler

GabyDead !

I feel so bad and I know I don’t understand what she feels, but I hope she knows that when life goes down raise it up or when the sun goes down, have hope for it will rise once again...



MajesticTaco 123

The worst part of the video is when tie read the 4th Harry Potter book first

Réka Kovács

I was expecting skyrim too, as I heard that first it was supposed to be a GoT game but then telltale made one already

Matt Stark

@harberwildcat3 hahahahahhahah arlighhttt buddddyyyyy these guys are original only them and legendary shots area good anyone can go out and make long shots its not hard if u have alot of free time these guys are amazing with thier presenation and all of thier ideas for shots everyone just copies them....there are littlerally 500 videos the same as yours these guys and teh legenadary shots are a class all thier own

Hana S.

Man Move, MOVE!

Just me? Okay 😔

13. James (David’s friend)

scott swiftwolfe

if you are reading this, and your anxiety symptoms are 1 hour later:HEY NOTHING IS EVER TO LATE FOR BTs but sad story.........

Vlad Kinas

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Hailie Lint

I share a birthday with Bunny!

Upender Gautam


Naruto Plays

Weird flex but okay? 😒




Luke Fox

do jello next


Great job with all of your videos, after that you suppose to get ONE MILION not half milion, but still it's very large!


Bottle flip trick shoots of course

It’s_yoboy_ Martin

This is very sad I cried I am not lieing as me as a kid I agree all day you new stonger then before just stay with your love ones never give up and I learn that life is always better then everything and this is a very nice video thank god your alive just be with your love ones never give up🥺🥺❤️❤️

Joshua Smith

Am I the only one who thinks ty literally wins every battle,they need to give coby a CHANCE

los amo Garcia

Te amo ozuna

Jacqueline Smeltzer


Haley Williams

This is random.......did you know that you and jaiden are being shipped together??


this is fake i dont see tryhards building fake exposed

omair syed

i feel sorry sorry for coby

Life Of Surprise

1 how can someone really say you are ugly to your face that is rude    

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