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Liking my comment is free

sandites# 4

I think your mama might win jk

We can make it through the snow


Added easter eggs in this? GG then.

MK 17

A basketball court

Aimee Astorga

I can be all it just depends on my mood ㄟ( ̄▽ ̄ㄟ)

dashing gamer

it is in my reccommendation

Livianne Brown

Now I'm excited to see Frozen 2.I know it's going to be epic!!❣️❣️

Moist Crimson

Wilt be like...

Ahmad Ullah

I think they also forget a patient and a doctor

Tom Whyatt

I love your app


Added to liked videos

Mario Kestler

Reading comments I realize there's just no place for making mistakes in life anymore. Either be perfect or be judged.

Sofiane Rousselet




G and K Gadre

For your fails and bloopers make a new channel called Dude Imperfect

Cody Brackett

Start posting videos like almost right off like it's annoying I hate waiting for them for a week at a time

Robert Morrison

I love this video it's my favorite 😥I could've cried

Debed Demats

Cool another Spider-Man: Far from Home TrailerOh wait.... wrong movie



What is number 6

Bridget Smith

Good job Garret!


Her voice is way too loud and dramatic.

roberto bandana

haha basically describing my narcassistic toxic parents! great way to grow up as a kid

Jonathan Musonda

The world now knows your name man. U one of the best

Messi 10

Starky it's Cody.

leeto bue

Team ty

Boy:ok.........*walks away* I hope Halo 5 has more to bring (:


Letra de esa csncion

Abhimanyu Varma

You know, for dude perfect

Qasim baloch vlogs

that's impossible for me


@xX17WarPaint28Xx cange it! change it! change it! change it! CHANGE IIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sabiha Vahora

Dude 888111


Its also important to really not be the boring wife. Or the boring husband. Or the nagging wife or the nagging husband in the first place. Never be the one breaking your partner down, hold him or her down and be in the way of their personal growth. Cheating is never the way to go ofcourse, you should rather leave your partner before you cheat. But a bad behavior drives your partner away from you, and you won't have an excuse or any reason to whine about it.



luis hammmer hammmer

Poor silver bullet

HeidiLynne LaCoste

I have OCD as well. I don’t have the same intrusive thoughts but they are relentless and feel so real. This is very relatable.

The Hove!

18 bounces

"That's a lot of Plungers! Wonder if we'll see those again?"


I just watched 3 grown men yell into a bowl with sprinkles😂

Ylva Puppytalon

Yeah i got cancer and i could die and stuff, but i lost my BOOTYFUL lOnG hAiR

Meat Emperor

Can you do a recipe with the kittens

Brian Zhou

That is me when I have depression

Mohamed Ayoub

1:40 I can do that


I see you are using tediore. Don't you run out of ammo quickly (after seing you reload so often)?


That moment when gurukid trolls the f*ck out of us 😰😱... So glad it was a troll. Btw, anyone knows what video the H3H3Productions was with the alzheimer joke?

Mr. I Don't Feel So Good

The word "stop" made me a registered sex offender

Miriam Eclipse



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