Official Opening Credits: Game of Thrones (HBO)

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Michelle Soriano

todd gurley


u inspired us to do this

The Stig

I find it ironic how my connection is shit and being interrupted by something at the moment, and the ad I get is telling me about slow internet speeds.

I dont like latinos, so go back to poverty, constantly being raided. And having a miserable life! Bai!”

Bradly Sparrow

2018 anybody

Alexander Golubev Jr

Apparently every Jedi since Kyle Katarn is avert to using weapons other than the light saber(See force unleashed 1/2 and now this).

Black Puma

so funny panda

Matty V

R2 got screwed in star trek!

Owen Aalberts

You can't buy or sell land on the moon, sun, antarctica, or other celestial bodies by a series of treaties. If you owned a spaceship, that is yours. If you landed it on a planet, it's still yours and your government's laws apply, but AS SOON AS you step outside, international law applies. You guys were duped, and you don't own any land outside earth. Sorry.


I still have this on ps1 along with the other ff games on ps1 4 5 6 7 8 and 9. I played so much that the timer is stuck on the game menu. Got all the secrets and gfs and beat omega weapon. Superb game cant wait to have on my Switch with the rest of FF games.

Lynch Stan

Kakakarot CAKE

Smcmillan 06

I like the name white butie


"SuTtLe RiHgT?"


U can see his stupid


Grammer Nazis are everywhere 👀


Hearing the Harry Potter music again after so long was really nice.

Nova Umbora


Customer Service Online

I like the longestjump ever andup and down

Rebecca Hoerter

4:30 Boy, you got me helpleeeeeesssss

Justin Wö

Do Hello Kitty - Fun at the Wonder Island easter eggs



Dunmbass gaMER

I a m e x a c t l y t h e s a m e

Title of this video “A psychopath broke in my house”

Eloise Newman

“This is street ball, man.”

Cj Animation studio

You did right it’s not being noisey when someone is getting harmed

Isaias Melo

Tyler's you were singing I'm so fancy


Well at least you didn't tell weird airport dude that you peed on your wallet.

AFC InvolvedSun3179

Congratulations on 6 million been here way before 20 k I remember when u was at the house and did the jelly bean video that is my 3rd favourite video my 1st is the soda guess one and my 2nd is the water bottle flips I wish I could meet u or be in the team love you guys so much xx


Great project


My Shower consists of 10% cleaning 30% singing and 60% winning fake arguments. 😶

doushall ramchurn

How did she managed to shave her head with a pair of scissors

Steven Aupperle

What a shot ftw

Daryl R

Whoever uou are, im proud of you. You did a lot more than anyone else in your position. Never lose that kind heart!!!


Ok i doubt anyone will read this but hot take:

R U Sirius

If you had Tony Stewart here there'd be a certain "Redkelly re" raging in the comments about how Stewart should be jailed. Anyone who's ever read the comments of any video about Stewart would understand.

9. Think about suicide often.

Christopher Reese

1:46 I am fortunate to know the family of Michael Phelps. As I have not met the Great One, I have met his mother.


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