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47's expression 5:06 "WTF"

music playlist

My first love left me too because of leukemia, he said he needed time apart and chose to disappear somewhere. I didnt see him since and I received a phone call from somebody who told me that he has died from cancer. I didn't know he had cancer. I wish I couldve told him how much he meant to me before he left. Im pretty sure he knew.

Basketball for Life


Samantha Shepherd

This video brought me to tears...

Luciana Mazo

How are people this stupid I am going to give you the stuff u could have done other than this

Gacha cookie sandwich 569


Yunior Gamboa

Man the 1st one was so creepy and good

Lalia draws

My parents had a IVF and now there is me and my twin brother


Good to see the developers have shit taste in memes.

fozzyxti ___

4:00 me and my brother all the time we do anything all the time I am Corey and my brother who's name is Corey be he is like Cody

Slept 5 hours a night

ExpXD Max & Cuan

Not complaining, we were just asking



sharee jeffers

Jen is the best “hype man” ever.

( ^---^ )

Baned Bee

Post Malone brought me here

Diego Devars

Did you noticed that all of his easter eggs videos start with the sound of footsteps? Coincidence?! I think not

Miss Kelly


Are your family vaccinated?


(Guys this is not a story time. It is a Rom-Com comic.)

Noam Kassirer

Cony was interacted the most

soid drone slayer

The Seawall is too little too late not only for the city of New York but coastal cities all over America from the West to the East coast it will not stop the inevitable sea level is rising faster than ever and in 20-30 years time we will begin to see the devastating effects of it. Unfortunately we have no one to blame but ourselves.


You missed Serious Sam, in the first game the is a bolder that just misses him and he whistles the Indiana Jones theme

Tamir Oglesby

I have this game

Spartacus Smith

Will that bitch just stfu?

Shane Steffens16

They are so cool even though you don’t get it on the 1st try

Cheryl Fulbright

how are you really good

Magma Hot Designs

Been watching your content for 7 YEARS, it all started when I was just looking through like page 14 of youtube results of black ops Easter eggs and it all kicked of from there


The Boat was pissing

Stephanie Goglia

i think it would below to high

Sigge Nilsson

I love dude perfekt.



Mimi The Alpha

My sister can't even do these tricks.

Anaisel Ramos

bruh nobody told me you have diarrhea, whatttt.


did you put the sharks back

Jaron Towler

How do you do things so cool in all different ways

Charlie Carew

Use a deodorant can for a target with a flaming arrow trick shot.


i think it also was in big hero six.

Twilight Princess Midna

What if my parents are the reason iwhy I'm depressed is because of them ... Then what?

Logan Green


Madi W

I want someone to talk about me like Ethan talks about Hila .

Lewis Akers

I'm old gregg!

Josh Green

I just notice that they are twins.

sugermare katy

My Mom put me in freezing cold shower. Basically, spanked me too.

Matthew_balli 03

I wish a shark had ate elsa when she was an ocean

Ashtonfang 3

That plane is dangerous

Kitty pryde

Heather Richardson

cat fish fiting

Si nacieras otra vez, quisiera haberte encontrado

Willy Bonka

Those monster world Easter eggs are hands down among my favorite Easter eggs now, I loved that series and recognized them instantly


Yo daddy is not my son had my laughing so hard

Juanis Castillo

I have anxiety too... Edit 2: I was always known in my school as "*insert brother's name*'s younger sister" 😁

It's all about youtube

Who is watching it after the release of its part 2?If u are like this comment.

Szymon Langer



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