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class="metadata-updateable-description" Subscribe Now : Compilation: Om Noms Compilation: et Piou Piou: Raconte Compilation: #chickypetitespiègle #omnompetitespiègle🔰 Nobody knows where Chicky and Omnom is exactly. We just know he is cute and deeply naïve. Its life is full of difficulties, always finding itself in the wrong place at the wrong time, which unfortunately don’t always end well! Fortunately, Chicky is immortal and after every real blow, he is back again for another adventure! 🔰

Saoirse Tañeza

So Elsa will go the north to fight giants or golem looking beasts and Anna, Kristoff and Olaf will tag along. And probably they need to find the horse which will be the key to fight the beasts and to know the truth about her powers. Just my thought.

Teh Sprinkle Free Man

#YIAYjob - No

zombielandman12 sean joesph walter


My brother is my mother?!

fortnite and roblox rule

If she's ur step mom but ur real one


Maybe epic trick shot battle 4 brody will be basketball and dp should be frisbee trick shots.

Tristan Cefail

why does he have gun 0:10

John Hadcroft



guru for fuck sake !!!


What was the music at the start called?

Carlene McCaffery

Please do a try not to cry challenge on this video...


Half Life 3 confirmed

Learn to recognise symptoms and quash them.. don't allow things to build up .. 6.Don’t be the type of person to be in a horror movie to go in the basement and act like your coming out alive


Adults & Elders react to Can you guess the Reactors Baby Photo lol - it would be funny if they reacted to the staff guessing xD


Anyone watching in 2018

Tori Gibson

I've been suffering from BPD symptoms for years but wasn't diagnosed with it until it got so bad I tried to kill myself and spent some time in a psychiatric hospital. After I was diagnosed I can't even explain the relief I felt. I thought it was just me and that I was actually going crazy, but I've met so many people like me online. It's a horrible illness and it's still totally controlling my life, but i'm just happy to finally know why I feel/act the way i do.


Hakeem TV

Why don’t they have like a barrier or something guarding the people on the sideline so the players don’t go flying into them? Wouldn’t that be smart?

Joey Jhr

Can someone explain me the Hooker one ??

awsome gamer

Hokey steriotupes

Kayla Kk

My second cousin has type 1 diabetes, when people here “ Diabetes” they think “fat people”


Wow, that just made the list for the most nerdiest/corniest thing ive ever heard.

Miss Cinot

Wow guys this is Crazy Good ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


ditto mew mew2

Vanessa Ridley

Go Tyler

... ... ..|: : : ||: : : : : : : : : : :”-,.......................|: : : : : : : \|

Kirsty Judd


Andrew Balfour

If we see this video on another youtube channel it hasn't been stolen! It's just that other people would like to show other people you fucking idiot


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