OP Characters in Super Mario Bros. ALL EPISODES (Season 1)

Kirby, Ditto, Link, Donkey Kong and Goomba all try to beat Super Mario Bros. But are they Overpowered enough to do it?❤ Subscribe to never miss new Mario videos! me on Twitter: support Level UP on Patreon? :) till the end for a special Teaser!---------***EASTER EGG HUNT*** Wow, this is a big hunt! Can you spot the hidden: Luigi Goomba, 3 Wobbuffet, 3 Navis, 3 Donkey Kong hammers and 3 Luigis doing absolutely nothing in the video?Characters and Music by Nintendo/GameFreak/Paul LeClair/Bulby/TheLegendOfRenegadeSNES Classic menu remix by Bulby:1 castle theme remix by TheLegendOfRenegade:overworld remix by Paul LeClair:note from Level UP: Guess what guys? Next 5 confirmed OP characters are Steve, Sonic, Red, C. Falcon and... Master Chief!

Ollie nicholson

Of all the things to be trending


CPS open up

TaeTae Is My Bae

I'm an introverted and I'm not like this

Alfredo Negron

hey is the excalibur from sword art online 2?

Chloe Atkinson

Wait,wait your friends with mulan

Jin Ji Kim

Let's dramatic

Maria Vensko

thank goodness that you warned us about the jumpscare my volume was in a 100%

Keep in mind I already had anxiety and depression when they did this

Kevin Cepparulo

I love the super-fan


HOLY SHIT!!!!!! man thats crazy.. make some more crazy shots and i will be sure to sub.


He looks like a grandad in that shirt. But like a stylish grandad who gave you £20 whenever you saw him.

Minecraft gamer master

Rip panda you Ok?😂 like if you agree

unicornforever 17

You poor thing I feel bad for what hapened to you I hope John learned his lesson


Love your chopper music bro!!

isabelle :

please don’t be a disappointment.please don’t be a disappointment.please don’t be a disappointment.

Jayce Slesar

As a vermonter I was upset until you threw in the cheddar :)

Tina K

This is one of the drawing styles that I really like in this channel. I love all videos with this drawing style the most. It makes the story more touching since the expressions look very realistic and conveys the emotions visually along with words.


I’m the my bad dude

No need for speed=need for speed daa xD

roch charron

Really about a half hour of trying to find logos and only a thank you that doesn't seem fair


chase szparagowski

I hate tyler because he will not stop wining and he did not let coby get his win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy Williams

Congratulations Dude Perfect!You have officially reached 40 million subscribers!😄😄😄 🎁🎊🎉


w o a h

Thomas Beardmore

how do u put away weapons


Kelly Eerka

My grandma pased away last week😭 She was 60 😢😱😭😭😭😭


8:18 So Life is Thanos?

Tramaine Terrance

Hello, Humans.👋

James Morrison

Dude, do what ever. You don't have to talk to have a good channel. You don't have to listen to your subs.

luckylucas1400 YT


Memez Omg

He must be a good friend

Scarlet Wildfox22

3:01 WHY U DO ZIS?

Michał Tupak676

oooo !!! whoowww yeahhhhh whoooow ooooo yeaaaaah wow yeahhhh ooooo!!!!!

Justin Snyder

No why

Karime Cardenas

Here before 100,000 views

Chelsi Craven

butcrack hole

Little Wolf

What about a Clash of Clans movie?

Bea triz

Im the "avoidant" type, but im come from a loving and caring family.

Pssst that’ll never happen.    

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