Ozzy Man Reviews: Game of Thrones - Season 6 Episode 9

Battle of the Bastards! Here is me recap and review. Here's a little treat for fun... A behind the scenes Ozzy Man video:are links to the music I used: Grinspoon - Lost ControlPsychos - Fuckwit CityDeathrays - Keep Myself On EdgeDinkum Use (or at least I try, whatever it means these days) Xo.


This isn’t a battle

Maya goes gacha lol

so basically you're just gay?

Grey Boost

Doesn't every kid have $10,000 spent on them a year for like clothes and food and shit they don't need?

Kids . o9pooop]oo

Ty I like your sweat shirt!🐼and pandas are my fav animal!

PoppinxtmCierraz Tv

Her pubic hair was to much

Tristan Fernie

Wow u guys sure love super cam


ok got it thanks

Abid Al Mahmud

Dude Perfect vs The Avengers will be the best

Teagen Macfeather

i think you are beautifull in your own way......youre face and youre personality

Skylar Mendes

Who doesn't know Tom tbh, he a real cutie 😍


2:03 hmm...seems legit

Daniel Duke


hector killer

whos waching this in 2018 me

sae pho

좋다. 멋지다.

Coffee P


Graeme Hemphill-Hart

The only reason it seems so fake is them always being TOTALLY elated. YYESHEH"LKAA DWWOOOOOO

Ly! :3

Maple Gum

Don’t you hate when your at school and then there’s a gypsy whale in the back?

Unknown Person

Wow that was high


The record scratch is perfect at 5:54!

Pakistani VLOGS

East and West dude perfect is best


Bruh can this girl shut up

Dr Rosen

Desacito neighbourino

Potato Tortoise

1:03 misuse of a comma unsub

Jennifer Granton

23 bounces


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