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Odu Pascual



Megalodon easter egg from battlefield 4.

The Oz-Zone

Dang, I feel & u understand her pain. Actually made me cry a bit too. When the love of my life was found murdered I completely lost it emotionally, mentally, psychologically was paralyzed for 3 weeks. She was my moral compass before God came along & she was one of the only women I've ever actually loved. Now, 3 years later I'm opening to open up to the idea of getting into another relationship 🙂. But to find something that I had on that level isn't something I'm sure I can find.

Jakai patterson

3:21 Best dude perfect moment

Easy A 2010

Anthony Z

Warriors are desperate.

Cookies n' Memes

Then, I passed out


That’s unfortunate

Chris Saxbury

im a kid in baseball could you pledge for me in my league

AIM-9X Sidewinder

I love these game, I think , call of duty finest our are the best if al

type games. I know some Final Fantasy games does have guns in them. But they are literally the only exception for me.

Tyler the Yoshi

Pixar has stated that A113 IS somewhere in Monsters Inc, we just haven't found it yet.

Lautaro Larroca

What the fuck is wrong with the titles man

hhryuusei y

I'm just lazy to go out.

Noah 123

Thnx h helped me a lot on this

Hayden Lockhart

it was 17.5


My kinda grandpa has cancer to he is gonna die soon😭😭

All In One

try something interesting like carrom trick shots😊😘

Dennis Nguyen


Danyal Imam

This shit finally happened Chris breezy and drizzy..!

sTrOnG tHoUgHtS

I don't like the end tho


Zelda: Were you killed?


now it was 4am! lol nice video still

Tate Kwaiser

Where’s mathasis

Lanie W

Yes yes yes!! keep it going j NH NIP

Jacob Dolores

Raging monster vs exited rage

killerwhales77 Animations

I mean now


Omg. So much of inspiration. 😱



Kram Setnom

Is Elsa 18 or...FBI OPEN UP!!!!

Septic Eye_3

Why can I relate to this?

chris wright

do a dinosaur stereotype

tayger girl

I like the story

Creepypasta Animations

Absolutely gorgeous and amazing!! Your so amazing at this stuff and it's incredible how talented you are with music and film. This film was outstanding, You have a serious gift! I love it , keep up the good work Rudy !!!! Support and love from all 😘❤️

Chase LMAO

who is the panda

ThatOneWeird Kid

At first I accidentally read the THERAPIST as THE RAPIST

Cy Leblanc

That was awesome

I’m a dish called Pasta

Honestly, like my 5th grade teacher told us when a kid threatened to kill him/her self, you were kids, you didn’t know better. Which is actually (if you do it for example x3) less pricey then 3 shades at the dollar store, and has better quality!

Meghan Hayes

YAS MARBLES upstaging the dog fashion community with his cuteness!!!! I NEED jenna to make a video where her and marbles wear matching outfits PLEASE

Mr. Duck

Is It mE Or ThIs WoMaN lOoKs LiKe UrArAkA??!!!

Littlebold 11

All who dislike are haters

Bobby hits him in the neck, puts his hand on his eyes and screams🤣🤣

Häftig Iz

so bottle flip trick shots

Her:i thought girls cant fight back    

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