Wuooooh!!! :DCTR akhirnya datang kembali dengan visual yang emejing dengan judul CTR Nitro Fueled! :DSekarang qaqa adick ini akan bertemvur (pake v)!! Wkwkwk XD

If you ain't talkin' money, nigga, you don't speak my language

Sam Metme


teja nagamalleswara Rao

thank you for do happy for me of DP channel I'm so happy for this trick shots video and overtime and ping pong trickshot 1 2 and 3 do more videos I can subscribe for all videos really super videos

I was a kid. One time in Malaysia I was looking at the pool thinking it wasn’t deep,so I came to the pool with the “stairs”


promise not to tell anyone


I feel like R* has recycled some assets from both MC:LA and its South Central expansion (cars, bikes and environments). Vehicles in GTA 5 resemble their RL counterpart more closely than any other GTA game as a result.

Skies: Yes.


3:14 theres one more mask, in the desk you just walked by ^^

Mysara Amani

Soccer they like messi and ronaldo

Kitty Cat

Yes u will win a battle coby

Ethan Adams

Make a All Sports Golf Battle 4

fx_ vxbes_20276

Wait this is bijuu mike

andrea perez

Stupid video

Carolina Rollan

I hate that they fight all the time, it’s tiring


Well in the Irish bar (uncharted 3) there is a newspaper on the counter with the headline: "Scientists are still struggling to understand deadly fungus."

Misty Wilder

Cory please hold the bass right you put too much pressure on there jaw

Berenice Fala

bro he’s so fine and his smile and laughhhh, ugh i can’t🥵🥵

Ciuc MF

I love so muci my grandpa if he has died i vill cry everi night 😭😢


Woahneat slingshot!I made a giant sling shot too. Check it out!! We use it to shoot down a box fortress

Tasty Galaxy Unicorn

4:09 pause and look at Wendy's hair 4:24 pause and look at Wendy's hair why did it color change

Nuculear TV

My favorite would be a front flip one

Alexpit The great

what is a unused easter egg anyway

jiayi liu

garret has the best rocket no offonse others

The 12th Man

go hawks


Time for all the unfunny early commenters. Good video though


In the record store there's also records by "The Tousling Boulders" obviously referencing the Rolling Stones.

Troy Yellowhorse

No one:

Ragu Suganya



Cant wait till you do Gta 5 Easter eggs!

web ele - Oficial

Death note, cool!

Ryan S

If the intro was just the video I would still be happy


Are you sure you got them all? Its only out for so long..

Malak Aoues

thank goodd

Steven Saunders

I could watch this 20 times a day, soooooooooo sick dude!


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