Phoenix vs Rain or Shine | PBA Commissioner's Cup 2019 Eliminations

odri james

master chief what are you doing in left 4 dead 2

SantaFe Railway Productions

Hole 1 is the Par 3 at Tpc Sawgrass.

Jorge Scvdl

I bet I'm gonna forget about frozen 2 a month later and probably remember it on november lol


ahhahahaha LOL!

Rafael Iasbeck Dalcol

you forgot the Dark Souls easter egg: on the middle of the acid lake in the Caustic Caverns there is a small island with a giant tree on it. if you get there without dying you will find a bonfire along with a warrior named Solitaire (a reference to Solaire of Astora). when you activate the bonfire, a ghost appears sitting next to it.

dead stitch


Noah Kirkpatrick

Buy a Quest f consoles

Maci & Jerzi’s Health and Fitness for Tweens

Double flip slider was my fav who else also subscribe to me

Wesley Rittenhouse

a vat?

Francisco Benedito

what he did was not okay. he didnt treat u well. but, I think u make it too easy for yourself. the end of a relationship is most of the time a failure because of both. cheating is a usually a consequence of something. both of u were not mature enough to either see or talk about problems both of u had. and i dont like how u use ur daughter as argument. children should not be used as an argument, if u do then u put ur child on the spot. "its not he doesnt love us anymore" or "its not good for us" or "not good for her". its wrong, its your personal feeling of betrayal, but it should not involve ur child to justify a decision that u gonna make based on that. because u should know that he would love ur child still, and that u could forgive him and u even didnt know if he loved u since both of u were not mature enough to even figure out whats wrong. the reason why did not understand that u did not take him back is because he loved u still. dont get me wrong, leaving him was no mistake. u certainly had the right to and he was acting really bad. but u dont even know why all of this happen and u dont want to reflect on possible misktakes on your behalf and that is what makes me dont like any of you two.

Charles Dierkes

2:58 like for the fact that they can't spell "doesn't"

Darien Khlentzos

My boy Ben (6 yrs old!!) just got a high score of 54!! (Where can we post it?)

Pbj Productions

First time?

Homely Crafts

Congrats coby


I know, but I have a feeling that my audience is slightly younger than that reference.


Awesome music

Tony Blaze

Not only is that girl terrible at driving but she doesn’t have a rear license plate

UnLuckyLuka !

Nu android is better

Xxxjoshua308 Monsivais

Who else thinks mr beast and the Dolan twins spend the same amount of money 🤣😂. #ALOTOFMONEY.

Isalise milise

Ok I am kinda disappointed because I believed minute videos was reel but now i doubt it...

but i do not feel like i have the permission to say i have ocd without being diagnosed because ik its not that serious


oh good job guy


There's not really much creepy or scary Easter eggs nowadays


My little pony Easter egg? Why in Watch_Dogs? Has My little pony really grown that big?

By the way what software do you use ? For reference off course

ProxStar - Gaming

But I have tablet

Aidan Rohring


Jayvion Edwards

if it wasnt for guru. .easter eggs will still be unknown to mei love his vids

The Weird Wombat132


Heihidu Trò Chơi

Fan Garrett



Hemin Bhatt

watching in 2019

Rebecka Hahnel

Take all the time you need to heal your heart and get things settled, Jeffree. My heart goes out to you and your family at this time.

Andres Gutierrez

Coby looks like strong 💪 old man 👴🏻

Huck Thompson08

Baseball field ⚾️


Turn Off the aim bot boys

arnepa 123


terrence mcgrew

Hey dude perfect im a big fan

Koala fication

Maiq also references stuff that has been debated on the forums.

Anjla Lorayna

Wow jp you guys have really good and satisfying shot I think they are 10/10 cause you hit so much farthingsIn 1 shot


I’m sorry


tHaT fAn oF eVeRyThInG

The background song and her voice shouts positivity omg


I would love to meet you dude perfect



TaZe_ Lightning

Dude perfect give me a call and I can beat all of thos times

Landon Cook


Giacomo Rapuzzi

Go italy!


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