Planet Erde Katastrophe der Zukunft


Michelle L-Hill

well i know the third song is twinkle twinkle

Dio The God

I prefer outback over Texas Roadhouse because I like the food better and the building doesn’t depress me...


Reminds me of someone from my work. He's just 2 years older than me (29) and has 2 children and a wife. He works at our company and at every second weekend in the month he works in his side job. It seems like he's fighting with his wife most times because of that. He takes no time for his family and is working like hell. Our company isn't very legal ,too. At some days we have to work 13 hours a day which is insane, because in our country it's allowed to work max 10 hours a day in most jobs. I think what he's doing is very bad. He looks very exhausted at some days and he's very stressed out. I think one day he'll have a heartattack or else (someone else got that before him already).

Samurai Exel 190

How about a pea

Diana Torres1347

1:52 when Alaiïa casually spits up on the phone 😂😂


like if your a bro of pewdiepie BARRELS!!! 2:29

Tucker Hudson

Team ty

Helen Zhang

Finally!!! My first FF RPG game <3

Exploding Geert

Mostly true, but rememver. Not punnishing and always saying yes makes spoilt kids.

good nice



Basically every man is lesbian and every woman is GAE

Tj Skittlez

That just speed up the footage

Taos New Mexico


thrasher how to

Ni went to collage with dude perfect

America Berber

Max i Mean

If she really is a little girl that is.

Olmedo Guzman


Genesis martinez

I suffer from the same thing. It's hard but over the years you learn to control it

I’m so weird ~-~

gaming freakes


YallCallinPoppy! !!

why i have so many tubes in my arm?


Wheres garret


Taks the L m8

Jayden Marvel

For those like me who have seen both trailers and are still confused, the film's sypnopsis reveals much more:Why was Elsa born with magical powers? The answer is calling her and threatening her kingdom. Together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, she'll set out on a dangerous but remarkable journey. In “Frozen,” Elsa feared her powers were too much for the world. In “Frozen 2,” she must hope they are enough.

Beni Tsyrlin


Simon Adams

I have a suggestion for an overtime unfortunate punishment for the wheel, if I may. What about eating cold powdered eggs


What if lynch was actually a fake name used by Trevor from Gta 5 and those games are part of what he did during the time he was on his own? Thatd be pretty cool.



Ziaranicole Gacha

Wait! You Are The Girl Who Escaped North Korea And Said A Speech About North Korea

Ian Morton


Ashlyn Altman

I was staying at a resort someone was metal detecting and they found a freaking engagement ring I watched them dig it up

Keenan Estep

Who's watching this in 2017

And should couldn't put up the act anymore so she killed him

Zakaria Samad

Remember when matthais roasted robert idk

Beastly Baller

Fu rug u took this idea from its ya boi

I have talked to my mom,

J.T. __

I Alaska Witz Tyler


Prince EA: You're most likely to die form a hearth attack at Monday. Between 8 to 9 AM

A Dude

I've seen this before?


This game is like what would happen if Saints Row and Uncharted had a baby

Elizabeth Locke

does anyone remember the scene in the good dinosaur when they are fitting the rock into the rock wall? it is HEAVEN


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