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I don't think I have depression buat sometimes when I feel sad, I always try to hurt myself and having very bad thoughts in my mind, i don't want to go to the doctor bcs if i am diagnosed with it i guarentee my mom will never let me go outside or play with my friends bcs she might think i got depress bcs of them when it is actually the situation in the house that is making me sad... anyone can help me overcome with this sadness ? Bcs it actually hurts to hurt myself but i still keep doing it


Isn’t that illegal??

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Chase Tassin

is this guy coked out??

I think that psychopath is me

Teal Cat 22

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Kazuto Lu

Now that the Russian way

Mehmet Ali Vlog

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Anna : i wont let anything happen to herWTF IS GOING ON HERE I'M SO EXCITED AHSGHGAH

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Leonardo Morales

2:24 coaster. 2:58 COASTER

Harshita Chennupati

Did this actually happened?

Amichai Obadiah

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Is that a JOJO reference?

michael harreus

I like it

Mônica Saito

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David Griffin

Tony Ferguson just got a new fan. I dont know why but I couldn't stand him before.

Ryan o Connor


Elite Wafoo


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Gamerboy 8109

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Chandler Boan

halo 3 and gears of war 3 have the best Easter eggs ever.

Tanner Olson75o

Sup Guru.


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