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Yennifer Ramirez

You are amazing


1:18 what song is that


Who is watching this in 2016

Rick Kurths

This dudes bald as fuck 😂😂😂😂

Dalton Klan

These might be coincidences


me 4


Guru, what are your thoughts on Mankind Divided? I'm a huge fan of Human Revolution and I'd love to hear your opinion on it, Thanks!

Kevin Deakin

Hi guru I'm saving up chore money what should I buy GTA v at bf hard line?

Priem STEAM Lab

do hotel stereotypes

Jonathan Weaver

Michael Crabtree


Joni Islomov

А почему если они такие круты против Барселоны на пятый точкаСидят

yamato ch

Are you lazy man ?

shadi Salameh

is tyler realy a rage monster or he's just acting

Isa delva

Under is to post love of John had go view been on me!?.😵😎

Adam Wilson

Lol when he jumped off I would have left him

Pitimum V

My dad is out doing drugs but cool video

Mico Mallari

I don't know this movie but it seems scary

The Sarians

3 year Olds don't know what love is

From the girl who literally said

Lily-Beth Gibson-Burton

Everybody watch the sump battle. Coby wins !!!

Belle Cortes

Sending love to all of who are also suffering from this. Continue to be strong and always ask for God's help to help you get through it.

The Avacodoes

I think they try to find their parents bc of what the troll said about finding the truth and about the past,or maybe “now we’re hoping that they’re enough”(Elsa’s powers) means they try to bring her parents back to life

Miym Uzumaki

Like I say to my friends, don’t trust doctors. It may not look like it, but lots of doctors can be useless, only after the money. I didn’t say all doctors tho, there are some doctors considerate enough to check and explain, not act like an asshole and act like nothing happened.

kz Monreal

Woooooowwwwww what a nice smile and voice love it😍😍😍

Sven TheButcher

This go dumb hard


I think I’m to lazy to do longest LEGO walk I’v been doing it all my life

I remmeber the day . Still . I was in grade 4.

Daniel Campp

I hope he gets karma

YOU will have a BRIGHT FUTURE only if you like this

Kaycee Strutt

Soooooooo funny I really wanted Tyler's team to win and they did


Great as usual.

Aidan Kleinhans

no sound in space

Kike Lama

2:21 ahi se nota que son gringos

Christian Morgan


Sr Pelo

I have anxiety itching

Rigoberto García

Team cody

Markson and Levi M


Thank you Babish!


I seriously dont know why i said that

James Gorman

I love the panda

Mark Adams

Actually dare I say it.... fire

Mandy Lee

It should be called Cory is unfortunate

Stella Diaz

Harry potter !!!!!

Shane Wang

Oh so coby and Cory made this


7:33 video after thousands of takes.

Felix Lool

Tyler:"She's a flyer!" LITERALLY 10 seconds later: 2:23

I came for the thumbnail I won't I'm too lazy

Mortimer Fil

Same is vegies and fruits... You cant have cucumber in the middle of winter...


anyone else noticed the change of hair color throughout

Ross H

You are the best you tubers

Hashim Dasti




Guru, you know... you could put your weed in there.

and same for plane and underwater but still rdr was pretty damn fun

Marcus Vinicius


Alex J

My favorite movie reference is the "No Country for Old Men" reference in GTA V.

IgoGamerLOL 1

Who watching this in 2018??


Panda ftw!


Grayson ur a fucking GENIUS

Lucas Sullivan

What about big hero 6? I did see bhs (big hero six) and I don't think I saw one but like most of the films in this video I may have mist it.

Bryce Clinton

U guys are great.


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